Raping My Niece

by Amber FoxxFire

My 19-year-old niece was failing. Her grades were steadily getting worse. Her mother was tired of supporting her lazy ass. That’s where I came in. I was going to make sure that Christina was going to get an education.

One way or another.


"Uncle! What the hell do you think you're doing?" She shrieked, using her bed sheets to cover up her ample, 19-year-old breasts.

"I could ask you the same thing!" It was time to teach my loose niece a lesson she'll never forget.

Without warning, I yanked the bed sheet away from her, exposing her large, luscious barely-a-woman breasts.

She shrieked louder.

"Oh my God, get out!" She kicked at me.

I smiled and caught her legs as I moved in between them.

My niece's pussy was as luscious as her breasts. Smooth, without a hint of hair, and very soft and swollen from her arousal. My cock throbbed eagerly in my pants.

"Uncle Ray, what on earth are you doing?" She cried out, putting her arms out to stop me.

I grabbed her arms and pushed them to her sides, pinning her against the bed.


"Teaching you a lesson!" I growled and mashed my lips to hers. I tasted her young sweetness and felt my cock grow hard as she struggled underneath me.

"Ugh! By raping me? Get off! Or I'll call the police!"

I smiled. "I'd rather be in jail, then dead. Wouldn't you?" I pressed my chest against her ample breasts, rubbing her soft nipples against me.

I wiggled out of my shorts and bathed in her tears as her eyes widened in complete and utter shock.

"You wouldn't!" She spat.

I slapped her, rocking her pretty head back against the pillow.


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