Raping My Helpless Daughter

by Amber FoxxFire

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My daughter? Got bad marks in college? That fucking slut needs to be taught a lesson that she’ll never forget. I don’t care if she doesn’t want to go to college, she’s my bitch now. Her whole life will revolve around pleasing me.


"What the fuck is this?" I yelled as I clutched the report card in my hand. The anger had welled up into my chest and had slowed my thinking.

Holding the paper taut I looked over at it again and confirmed what I had read. Straight C's, not a single A, and only one B, and two F's! These grades were atrocious, beyond embarrassing, and they belonged to my little girl.

Having looked over at them one last time in disgust I held the paper tightly and marched into my daughter's room. She was there laying on her bed, texting on her phone, music blaring from the speaker, and the TV on and not being watched.

Huffing in disgust I went and flipped the TV off first, then I went over and slammed the window shut. I didn't need any neighbors complaining about my delinquent daughter. Next I went to the stereo and jacked the power cord from the wall, instantly shutting off the loud music.


At this point my 18-year-old daughter recognized I was in the room and her face scrunched up in disgust. "Dad what are you doing in here?" She asked, annoyed.

Looking at me like she didn't know, only made it worse and I picked up the paper I had dropped in my anger. I brought it over to her and made her read it, putting it in her hands. "This is what I'm here about!" I shouted angrily as I showed her the report card I had found in the trash.

"You're eighteen years old, you're in college, and you live in this house," I said angrily, my emotions stirring up as I had to think about how big an embarrassment this was. "Instead of studying and giving yourself a proper chance at life, you've been hanging out with friends, fooling around with guys, and not even cracking open those expensive textbooks I've bought you." I exclaimed, my anger making me feel hot.

"Daddy, it's just a bad semester, I had a lot of trouble because of the professors, and I don't really think college is for me." She said, giving me a lame excuse.

She looked at me like it wasn't a big deal, that it was OK to waste money failing at college and giving up. She wasn't the one footing the bill, clothing her, housing her, feeding her. I was doing everything, she was doing nothing, and this ungrateful attitude was the last straw.

"That's it, little lady, you're going to learn some responsibility about the real world." I said. Clearly fed up with her, I pushed the door closed and stalked toward her. I snatched the cell phone from her hands and threw it to the opposite side of the room, grabbing her hair.


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