Raping Mom

by Daddy's Needs Fulfilled

Interrupted by his mother as he was making the move on his girlfriend, 18-year-old Blake decided that enough was enough. If he couldn’t have his girlfriend, he was going to have his mother.

The sound of her helpless cries as he smacked her clit with the tip of the whip made him harder than he’d ever been in his entire life.

That his mother was ovulating and would be forced to carry his baby was just the cherry on top.


Blake pawed at his mother's supple breasts as a smile played on his lips. They were so soft and to see his mom's fear caused his cock to grow thick and large.

Wrapping his hands around her throat, he squeezed. To see her struggle to draw breath into her laboring lungs made his cock throb.

He stopped and let go of her as he pinned her wrists. Savagely, he descended on her ruby lips as she tried to escape.

"Since you stopped me from having sex, I'm taking it from you." Blake informed her as lust built to a fevered pitch.

"It's wrong!" She protested squirming, somehow hoping she could get away.

"Hmm." He thought of an idea. Blake picked up his mom, slung her over his shoulder and walked to his bedroom.

"Stop!" She pounded on his shoulder with her balled fist.

He laughed as fantasies danced in his mind. He'd always wanted to bang his mother, so instead of denying his desires he'd fulfill them.


Pulling open his drawer, he pulled out rope, whip and a gag. He dropped her on his bed and bound her.

"What are you doing?" Her eyes were wide like a frightened doe caught in car lights. She knew what her son was planning on doing. But why?

Blake tied his mother to his bed. She struggled as she screamed out for help.

He clouted her on one side to the other until she pleaded with him to stop. Tears fell from her large hazel eyes, but he grabbed her jaw and forced it open.

He kissed her, exploring her mouth with his tongue, enjoying his mother's resistance. This was too fun!


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Daddies have needs. Needs that need to be fulfilled. Some daddies never get those needs satisfied.

Not these daddies. These daddies take what they need without asking and without question.

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