Raping My Brother’s Wife & Daughter (Niece)

by Amber FoxxFire, Daddy's Needs Fulfilled

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I hated my brother. Mike was an insufferable cunt and the fact that he married one of the most beautiful women rubbed me the wrong way.

Kylie should’ve been mine, dammit!

But I had a plan to MAKE her mine. When I knew he was out of town, I snuck inside his house and defiled his wife - my sister-in-law.

Raping and impregnating my niece, Tricia, was just icing on the cake.

Nothing could be more satisfying than watching my sister-in-law torture my 18-year-old niece while she begged and screamed for mercy.



To feel my 18-year-old niece's soft, warm flesh under my fingertips drove me to the edge of madness. I needed more. I needed to feel my throbbing cock deep within her hungry womb. It was obvious that she was a complete virgin and knowing that I was going to be the one breaking her cherry caused my cock to throb and grow under my sister-in-law's ministrations.

"Pull down her pants!" I commanded Kylie. "And keep stroking."

While her one hand worked my veiny shaft up and down expertly, she took her other and pulled her daughter's pajama pants down, exposing her flimsy underwear.

I wrapped my arms around Tricia's waist and pressed my nose into her sopping wet panties. Inhaling her delicious, flowery scent, my head swam with her fertile pheromones. I don't know if either women knew it, but my niece was ovulating. And I intended to do something about that.


I grabbed at her tit flesh and ran my hands all over her body as I studied my 18-year-old niece in greater detail.

"Suck it, bitch!" I grabbed my sister-in-law's hair and shoved her mouth down upon my turgid pole. She barely had enough time to pull my shorts down and the second my rod was exposed to her luscious lips, she descended down upon it just like I told her to.

I saw my niece's eyes grow large as she saw her mother devour my cock. I kissed every inch of her belly, working my way up her chest and her neck and when my lips met hers a bolt of lightning shot through my body as I fully realized what I was doing.

"Oh uncle Tom!" She breathed heavily as our lips mashed together and she kissed me like a hungry, passionate animal.

While her mother worked her magic on my cock, I slid my finger down into her panties and found her little clit. With a little bit of help, she was practically jumping up and down as I brought her to her first real orgasm with a man.

"You like that, slut?" I said as I shoved my finger into her virgin cunt and then pulled it out, bringing it to her nose. She started to push away, but I held her head still and forced her to smell her own cunt juices.

She gagged and coughed, but then soon admitted that she really did like her own scent.


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