Raped and Swollen with my Father’s Seed

by Daddy's Needs Fulfilled

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Seeing his daughter flaunting her sexuality all over, Marsha’s Father knew he was going to have to put his foot down. He’d been too soft on her for far too long.

He was going to have to knock some sense into her - literally. He’d have to get rough with her and show her who was the real boss. Then he’d forcefully knock a baby into her virgin womb.

Then, she’d be his bitch - his cum receptacle.


"Daddy! Don't!" She cried out as she tried to get away.

He looked at her with icy eyes before he slammed his fist into her belly.

"You do what I tell you to, bitch!" His fingernails dug into her sensitive shoulders as he slammed her again and again into the wall.

"Please stop! Don't do this!" She screamed as pain shot through her.

"You're nothing more than a slut and men can treat whores anyway they want." Her daddy slammed her down on the floor.

He knelt down and pawed at her tits as a smile played across his lips.

"Ow! That hurts!" She whined, attempting to protect them from his rough handling.

He snarled and ripped her hands away. His heavy fists slammed into her face.

Her head slammed down on the hard floor. His rock hard fist ripped into her face, cutting open her cheek.

"I'm the man! I command you and do as I wish." He shouted inches from her ear.


Marsha dropped her hands. Would he stop his abuse if she allowed him to do as he wished?

He twisted her nipples, sending shock waves of pain through her. Her pain-filled screams filled the air.

Her daddy descended on her nipples, sucking them into his greedy mouth. He was taking what he desired from his daughter's body as a man should.


About the Author

Daddies have needs. Needs that need to be fulfilled. Some daddies never get those needs satisfied.

Not these daddies. These daddies take what they need without asking and without question.

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