Raped by the Junkyard Dogs

HARDCORE RAPE Bestiality Zoophilia Forced Impregnation Dog Sex Dog Tying Bestiality Dog Knotting

by Jez Bestiality


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Having been caught stealing from their master’s territory, Brutus and Killer decide to take matters into their own paws.

Pleading and begging to be let go, Robin is forced to endure what no woman should. Instead of ripping and tearing her throat out, the two junkyard dogs take great pleasure in ramming their swollen, cum-dripping, dominant dog-cocks deep inside her tight, virgin cunt.

There is no escape for Robin who must endure the torture of two large, slavering beasts who will stop at nothing to make sure she understands who’s in charge!

This is an extremely hot and filthy wire-to-wire sex-filled story designed for one thing and one thing only: to get you off. Inside you’ll find hot dog-on-woman rape, cum-drinking, womb-pelting, forced impregnation and more! This is one story you won’t want to miss!


"Smell that, Brutus?" Killer asked as he lifted his long, thin doberman muzzle into to the air and let the slight breeze waft over his sensitive nostrils.

Brutus, who'd been worrying an old bone stopped in mid-chew and followed his pack-brother's nose.

"Yeah!" He said, his lips curling slowly into a smile. They'd been commissioned as junkyard dogs by their master. It was a tough, but rewarding life. But as long as they had each other it was perfect.

Brutus's large Rottweiler dick unsheathed itself as he scented not only an intruder, but a female one. In heat.


"Holy fuck, Killer," Brutus bounded after his elder, and seeing his pack-mate's shaft grow thickly below his belly turned him on even more. "This is like Christmas in July, ain't it?"
Killer nodded as he silently pounced upon the unwary, unsuspecting woman who was holding a bag of goodies in her hand. This was why his human had employed them - she didn't know what hit her until the breath had been knocked out of her and Killer's paws were stomping harshly on her chest.

"Help! Stop!" The woman cried out as her breath left her. "I'll do anything, just let me go!" Her heart hammered in her chest as she came face to face with the meanest-looking guard dogs she'd ever seen. Her blue eyes widened under the harsh light of the full moon.


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