Raped In The Pound

by Jez Bestiality

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Jenny knew when the burly security guard at the pound told her to leave immediately, she should’ve listened. But her boyfriend insisted on adopting a dog. What happened next changed her life forever. Not only did Brutis, the largest Mastiff any of them had ever seen, get loose from his cage, but she was left alone with the beast to fend for herself.


"Come on Jenny, having a dog will be great!" Rick said as he dragged his girlfriend inside the dog pound.

"I don't know about this." Jenny tapped her nails, looking around for a good way to escape.

"Dogs can be fun! They come in all sizes." He said pushing open the doors to the kennel.

She'd never had a dog before and wasn't sure she was ready. This was scary. It was a big commitment.

"Can we get a small dog?" She glanced around at all the barking dogs in the pens.

Rick was right, there were so many dogs of all sizes. She loathed selecting a dog from the pound, because she didn't know much about them.

Maybe it was time to learn. Which one should she take? There was so many!

They all looked so sad as they yapped and and barked desperately, seeking their attention.

She looked over the dogs and wondered how she would select one. Jenny felt sorry for all of them.


"Are you sure you'll help me take care of him?" She cast a glance at Rick who was talking to a dog through the chain link pen.

"Sure." He promised too quickly, turning his attention back to the dog.

She nodded. Maybe a small dog would be nice. Maybe a poodle or a chihuahua. She had to admit they looked awfully cute.

A moment later, a worker rushed passed them as he spoke into a walkie talkie.

"He's out!" He barked, rushing past.

"Maybe we should go." Jenny worried.

"Nah! Come on!" He dragged her down the hall.

A security guard held out his hand, stopping them.

"The pound is closed. You must go now." He said as his eyes bored into them.

"Why?" Rick said.

"Maybe we should go." She tugged on his arm. "Come on, honey..." She pleaded.

"No." He held her with a vise like grip. "We are here for a dog and we will get one."

"Sir, Brutis, the large Bull Mastiff, is loose and very dangerous. Turn back now if you know what's good for you."


The doors at the end of the hallway suddenly burst open as a large dog charged toward them. Jenny gasped at the dog's sheer size. Rick's eyes bulged at the sight of the beast. He was the biggest dog he'd ever seen.

The dog's eyes locked onto them.


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