Raped by the Werewolf

by Amber FoxxFire

On the run from a powerful werewolf, exhaustion had finally set in and Janet fell to the ground. The Alpha Werewolf fell upon her and raped her savagely and brutally, forcing her to became his slave and carry his child.


She shook her head as she panted. Janet was just too exhausted to run anymore.

Silverfang smiled as he felt her ample breasts with his large hands. They were so soft and cloud-like and they stirred his lust even more.

Tonight, he felt like toying with his prey, enjoying her fear. Suddenly, he tore off her jeans.

"Please don't!" She begged, looking at him with her wide, fearful eyes.

He slapped her hard on the cheeks, flinging her head back. There was a sickening crack that filled the air.

He grabbed her by her throat and shook her as if she were a rag-doll.

"No one defies my authority! I am the Alpha and you are nothing more than a slave. Don't you see the honor I'm giving you by choosing you as my mate?" He snarled.

He slammed her down on the ground. Tears brimmed in her eyes and ran like rivers down her rosy cheeks.


His wolf cock was so hard, demanding that he mate with her. His blood was boiling and he felt the need to dump his seed deep inside her unprotected womb.

He grabbed her head as she struggled like a caught fish and poised his red, veiny werewolf cock at her mouth.

With one swift motion, he shoved his enlarged cock into her mouth and deep down her throat. She clawed at his large hands, attempting to push them from her throat.

Humiliation filled her as she resisted. She had never liked nor respected him and loathed what he was doing to her.

Silverfang shoved his cock in and out of her throat. The suction felt so good on his hot, needy member, but what he loved was that she hated this. That's what really turned him on.


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