Raped by the priest

by Penelope Liksit

A sin is about to take place in the house of the Lord. An eighteen year old virgin will be raped in the confession booth by a dastardly priest.


"No father, I'm only eighteen, I'm still a virgin, you're a man of God, you can't..."

“Shut the fuck up and open wide for Jesus bitch!" I closed my lips tight shut and turned my head away but he simply turned me back to face him and pressed the wet head of his cock right against my lips.

He pushed forward, his raping weapon so hard he drove open my lips and forced himself into my mouth, stretching my lips taut as my tears streamed down my cheeks. My moans of protest were muffled as his meat filled my mouth entirely.


About the Author

The queen of ultrasmut will take care of all those taboo needs of yours, whether they be incest, bestiality, dub-con or non-con. Expect it rough, nasty and as perverse as it gets.

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