Raped By The Lion

by Amber FoxxFire

On set in the jungle, 18-year-old Lisa comes face to face with her worst nightmare: A lion who ignores his trainer. A large, powerful HORNY lion who wants nothing more than to take out all his pent-up sexual tensions on a hot, fertile female.

The only question is, will Lisa survive the assault.


Then she continued on, following the poachers. There was a noise and a large lion suddenly came into view.

Lisa stood rooted to the spot, her eyes as wide as the moon. The lion stepped out of the brush and shook his large head.

Fear shot through her, making her legs shake as if they were butter. Her heart pounded like a drum between her ears.

She heard the lion trainer's whistle. The lion looked at his trainer, ignored him and then walked toward her.

Lisa staggered backwards. Fear compelled her to run, but her legs wouldn't work.
"Don't run." The trainer shouted, but she only heard a whisper.

The lion walked up to her and pressed his large muzzle into her quivering cunt. She fought the urge to push his large head away from her. But she knew he was too powerful.

His golden eyes bored into her and she suddenly realized she was under his control.


This was the first time in her entire life that she felt helpless. She'd always had people jump to obey her every whim.

Now she was in the power of a beast that would do anything he desired to her and no one was going to stop him.

Is he going to eat me? What does he want? The actress stood before him like a scared child.

He reared up and placed his heavy, large paws on her shoulders. They were so heavy, she toppled over, slamming into the fake floor.

"What does he want?" She whimpered as panic flowed out of her mouth.

"Stay calm. Leo, come." The trainer said as he approached the large lion.


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