Raped By The Demon

by Monster Rape

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Her tender, 18-year-old flesh was tempting. Young, innocent and wide-eyed, I devoured her sexually, taking what I wanted by force. She was mine now. She fought me the entire way, but I was much too dominant and powerful for her.

In the end, I took everything I wanted from her and left her a husk of her former self.

- Demon


"How could you do this, James?" Sherry gazed into her older brother's eyes, pleading silently to be released.

Sherry a flame haired beautiful 18-year-old, fought the chains which bound her to the black altar. Half of her refused to believe that her brother would sacrifice her to a demon and the other part saw the reality.

"Sis, you're gorgeous and you will make me a ton of money. Don't worry, no one will ever find you, you'll just be another missing person." James said, casting a lustful gaze over her slender, nude body.

"Don't do this!" Sherry wondered what she could offer to change his mind.

"Why not?" He spat.

"Please! I'm only 18 and have my whole life to live."

"Are you still a virgin?" He sneered as he touched her rosy cheek.

Sherry turned her head away from him. She couldn't believe this was happening to her.

I hate him! She balled her fists in impotent rage.


Just at that moment, a sharp ringing of a bell echoed throughout the misty night air. Tears slid down her cheeks, splattering on the dark altar. She tried not to think of what was happening.

Smoke swirled around her as a sulfurous scent stung her nose. Sherry coughed and the chains rattled as she sought escape from her fate.

A large crimson demon materialized from the void as the smoke melted away. He gazed down on her body and bent down to her pussy.

Never had she been seen naked by anyone until tonight. Why was he so interested in it?

She attempted to clamp her legs together, but the chains prevented her.


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