Raped By The Angry Swan

by Amber FoxxFire

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A large, angry, black swan jumped out of the thickets, scaring Jane and her boyfriend. They were fornicating in his waters! He could not have that! He was the dominant alpha of these waters. This human would come to know her place.

Whether she liked it or not.


Mitch, the large, black swan swam through the reeds and stopped when he saw the people. His black eyes widened as fury boiled through him when they removed their clothes.

Jane giggled as she knelt down and with trembling fingers undid her boyfriend's Jeans. She giggled as his large cock jutted out and slapped her cheek.

"He's eager." She teased, her fingers tracing over his blue veins. Licking her lips, she looked up into his eyes.

"You don't know how eager, baby." John grinned.

"Now, for the fun part." Jane said, opening her lips and slowly inching down on his hard cock.

Out of nowhere, a growling hiss came from the reeds. It sounded like an overgrown house cat, but deeper and much more menacing. The monstrous hiss grew louder as the reeds rustled.

"What's that?" Jane jerked her head toward the sound, fear coursing through her veins.

"Don't know. Suck it, baby." John said, grabbing her head, but she slipped from his grasp.


"Lets go. I don't like this." Jane whimpered.

"It's probably a raccoon or something. There's no need to worry." John clenched his jaws shut, glaring at the reeds.

"No, Let's go." She jumped to her feet and whirled around.

"No." He grabbed her and pulled her back.

"How dare you! You..."

Suddenly, a large, black swan emerged from the reeds, hissing at them. It had its black wings spread out, making it look more threatening.

"It's just a swan." John rolled his eyes at the large bird racing toward them.

"It's too big! Let's go!" Jane begged as the swan charged forward, it's head low to the ground.

"Aww come on." John sighed. "I want my dick sucked!"

"I want to go."

"He's not going to hurt you. He's probably just bluffing."

Jane shook her head, pulling against him.

The swan rushed forward him and bit his calf.

"Ow! Hey! Stop that!" He whirled around and glared at the large bird.

The swan hissed and beat his black wings, intimidating them. The woman was sufficiently terrified. Now he must drive away the man.


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