Raped by the Akita


by Jez Bestiality

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Finding a mind-control pill in the park, Jax, the 130 pound Akita, knew exactly what he wanted: His 18-year-old mistress. No more sleeping at the foot of the bed for him!

The moment they got home, he pounced on her, taking her to the ground. With his massive body and new-found mental powers, he forced his mistress to submit to his dominant will.

He’d never had his cock sucked before, but Lori quickly showed him what he was missing. When he’d had enough, he forced her to lay down and take him. He reveled in her struggle and knew that this wouldn’t be the last time he forced himself on her.


Hmm, what's this?
It was a nice spring morning. My human had let me off the leash in the park for our normal morning romp.
Today, I was feeling a bit frisky and had wandered further than normal. I could hear Lori's distant whistles, but I didn't care, I was having far too much fun.
My keen sense of smell told me that there was something interesting buried in this garbage pile. Very, very interesting.
Aha! I wagged my tail excitedly, oblivious to my surroundings, as I dug up the small, yellow pill.
I closed my eyes, licked it, swirled it around in my mouth and then tried it out.
Stop whistling. I mentally commanded my human. I don't know why I thought it would work, but it did. The annoying, insistent whistling from her lips ceased immediately.
I wagged my tail faster. My large doggy lips upturned into a smile as I swallowed the whole pill. I didn't know how long it would last or how I would get more, but that could come later.


Eager to try it out more fully, my cock sprang out of my sheath as I trotted back to my human who was probably sick with worry by now. Not that I gave a shit.
"Oh there you are, my sweet pea!" My human gushed, running her hands all over my body.


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If you're looking for super-hot, ultra-shocking dog sex full of kissing, knotting and lots of dog cum, you've cum to the right place. Jez Bestiality knows what you like.

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