Rape 40-Pack

by Penelope Liksit

Bringing together 40 non-consensual tales from my catalogue to give you a mega-bundle of just the kind of hardcore action you're looking for! Daddies, daughters, dogs, uncles, nieces, clowns, grannies, brutes, werewolves, sluts, virgins and even snakes... Get this while you can! You don't want to have nothing to read when you're lying in bed at night with that craving... Full story list below.


Granny you're so tight for a woman your age/Raped by the brute/Raped by the cage fighter/Invaded by ISIS/No way Jose, stop raping me with your twelve inch illegal cock/Daddy raped me and made me pregnant.../I'm so hot everyone wants to rape me/Daddy what's this big hard thing/Rape while I'm pregnant and my husband is made to watch/Raped by Kong/Gang raped by daddy and brothers during the purge/Face raping my schoolgirl daughter/Slut schoolgirl/Boss's wife gets used like a piece of meat/Daddy can't resist/Daddy found out I was the school slut.../Raped by a 100 sex maniacs in an insane asylum/Raped by the killer clown trilogy/Raped by the serial killer/Gang raped by dogs on an underground sex show/Virgin schoolgirl gang raped by werewolves/Raped by the demon/ Raped by the priest/Rape that bitch till her ass bleeds/Gang raped by the gladiators/Raped in the dark/Rape breeding my twin daughters/Rape baiting daddy/Tied to a tree, blindfolded and gang raped/Raped and bred by a dog...


/Barley legal schoolgirl raped/Home invader rapes me in front of my husband/Raped by the Rottweiler/Daddy raped my bloody pussy/Raped and pissed on by uncle/Gang raped by the whole squad/Raped by the boa constrictor/Rapist for hire


They fell upon me, a mass of snarling, biting, wild eyed, teeth baring brutes-the hardest men in the world groping my naked body with impunity. I yelped as I felt teeth on my tits, teeth on my ass, some nasty fucker even bit my cunt-these motherfuckers had turned into vampires all of a sudden. Before I knew what was happening I found myself pulled to the ground and spread-eagled on the floor, each one of my limbs pinned down, my bloody and raped cunt exposed to everyone. I was completely powerless and surrounded by twenty soon to be rapists. The first threw himself onto me. His body weight crushed me and his prick pressed hard against my slit as he drooled like an animal onto my face. I screamed as he penetrated me, driving in balls deep. “Aaaaaaaah…get off you fuck…aaaaaaaaah!” He laughed in response, delighting in my pain. “Fucking leg spreading whore. Want to be a bad ass woman in the military? This is what happens to bitches that walk around making all our dick hard-they get their fucking pussies’ raped…aaaaaah!” He collapsed on top of me, his seed splashing into that which Squad Leader had already deposited-a sea of rape spunk was now forming in my cunt. “Next! Next!” Squad Leader barked. “Don’t let her rest, show that pussy no mercy, pound her right through the fucking floor.” And so I was violated by one raping animal after the other, the sea was soon pouring out of my pussy-there was no way it could hold all the loads. A dirty squelching noise was soon being made as each cock was plunged into my creamy hole. Each of my rapists every thrust was cheered on by the others. They started spitting in my face just as they penetrated me, some licking the spit all over my face. They were in pure primal mode, oblivious to my pain, savage animals driven only sexual lust. “Not so combat affective now are you? On your back getting raped by twenty cocks!” Squad Leader laughed.


About the Author

The queen of ultrasmut will take care of all those taboo needs of yours, whether they be incest, bestiality, dub-con or non-con. Expect it rough, nasty and as perverse as it gets.

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