Putting My Sleeping Daddy In My Mouth – And Then My Ass! : Ass Fucked Daughters 24

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Putting My Sleeping Daddy In My Mouth – And Then My Ass! : Ass Fucked Daughters 24
Part of the Ass-Fucked Daughters series:

Another unlucky night-out with the girls sees me come home empty handed again, but the night’s not over yet.

I walk in on Daddy asleep and he’s watching some very choice television indeed.  When I notice he’s on display its clear he didn’t quite finish what he started.  Well I’m horny and on-hand, Daddy.  Let me take you in my mouth before I make you the first guy to go in my ass.  I’ve not even lost my virginity yet!


“Yes, Hazel,” he groaned.

He held my face with both of his hands, pushing up from his waist and forcing more of his cock into me.

I felt him right at the back of my throat, but I knew from the films I’d seen that a blowjob didn’t have to end there.  Instead I pushed over him, squeezing my tight throat over him until all of his inches were inside me.

“Fuck,” Daddy groaned, looking down.  “Fuck!  I didn’t know you could do that?”

I pulled back away from him and gasped off his cock with spit dripping from my mouth.  “Neither did I!”

“Do it again,” he said.  “Deep-throat my cock.”

I pushed over the spit-glossed crown again and drove him into my throat.  This time I rocked over him, feeling his swelling burst through into my neck over and over.

“Oh, Hazel, that’s fucking incredible.”


I’d never been able to please Daddy like this before.  He seemed overjoyed, and the more appreciative he became the more desperately I tried to please him further.

“I’ll do anything,” I told him, gasping and wiping at my mouth.  “Anything you tell me to, Daddy.  Treat me like the whore on the television.”

Daddy looked to the screen.  The woman was now cleansing the freshly erupted cock of its cum, and she didn’t seem to care that it had just been buried in her ass.

“You want to be like her?” Daddy asked.

I nodded.  “I want to be your slut.”

“I hope you don’t regret that.”

Daddy grabbed my head and put me back on his cock.  He pushed everything into me until I could feel his hair on my top lip.  I gagged and tightened around his cock, but Daddy didn’t let up.  I could barely breathe.  My face turned red and my eyes bulged.  I felt my clit stiffen as my head turned light, then finally Daddy pulled back.

I gasped loudly, and let looked to Daddy.  My eyes were streaming and my mascara had started to run, but Daddy didn’t care.  He looked more turned-on than ever.

“Take off my pants,” he said.

I helped Daddy out of them until he was naked from the waist down.  He stood up and took a grip of my hair as I stayed on my knees.  I yelped as I felt him pull at my scalp.  I turned quickly and followed him so as not to feel the pressure of his grip on my hair.

He dragged me to the middle of the room and then yanked the front of my dress.  The shoulder-straps ripped and I was exposed in an instant.  I hadn’t worn a bra and my naked little tits were on display.  Daddy stared at them and let out a groan.

“They’re Daddy’s tits,” he said.

“They’re your tits, Daddy,” I repeated.

He knelt in front of me and pushed my body back.  His lips clasped over my nipples and his stubble grazed my tits.  He sucked and I felt the blood rush to my nipples.

“Yes!” I groaned.

Daddy moved between each breast with ravenous intensity.  He sucked each nipple stiff, squeezing them with his big hands afterwards.  I’d never known him so turned-on and rough.

“You’re making me wanna do something crazy,” I whined.

“How crazy can we get?”

“I’m a virgin, Daddy,” I confessed.

He stopped moving so erratically and stared while he processed the sentence.

“I’m a virgin, but what I want most of all is you.  I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

“You do, huh?”

“More than anything,” I told him.  “But I want to save my pussy for someone else.  Is that okay?”

“As long as I get to be the first in your ass.”

“I want you to be,” I said.  “I want to feel you burst through my asshole, just like the girl on the television.”

What I didn’t realize at the time was that the woman on the television had probably had hundreds of cocks in her asshole before.  She’d made it look so easy.


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