Putting My Naughty Son In My Tight Asshole : Anal Mothers 8

by Tori Westwood

I cut my son Kevin’s hair in our private studio out back, but when I whip the robe off him at the end of his trim I discover he’s been playing with his hard cock the whole time without me knowing!

The second I lay eyes on it I know I have to have it.  It’s been so long.  But I can’t put it in my pussy … that wouldn’t be right.  It has to go in my ass for the first time.  Shove it through my pucker, Kevin, and let your cum out inside me.


“You don’t want Mommy’s help?” I said.  “You don’t want to help Mommy?”

“I d—do,” he stammered.

“Then let me help you,” I said, and I dropped to my knees in front of him.

Kevin looked like he couldn’t believe his luck.  I stared into his open legs and I looked at those delicious balls of his that hung off the hilt of that thick cock.

I shuffled forwards and looked up into his face with a smile, taking his cock in my hand and watching him go tense with fear and excitement.

I licked my full lips and opened them wide, pointing the barrel of his flesh towards my face and clasping my mouth over him.

Kevin’s deep moan made the juices rush to my pussy and I moaned back, squeezing my big tits as I started to jerk him between my lips.

“This is such a delicious cock,” I gasped, yearning to give him the confidence he needed to get me off.

“You like it?” he said, looking down his naked body at me.


“I love it,” I purred and, as if to solidify the sentiment, I drove him right to the back of my throat as far as I could.

He closed his eyes and moaned as my throat tightened around the tip of his cock, then I pulled him out of me and ran my thick saliva all the way along his length until it shone under the lights.

“I wanna see more of you,” he said now.

“More of me?”

“It that’s okay?”

“Of course,” I said, standing up.  “What more do you want to see?”

I was one step ahead of him so I’d started to unbutton my jeans already, but I have to admit the response surprised me.

“Your ass,” he said.

“Just my ass?”

“Your … uhmm … you’re asshole.”

I froze as I stared at him, and there was a silence in the room.  Gradually a smile spread across my face.

“You are a naughty boy,” I said, then I thought back to that website of his I’d found.  “Got a thing for asses?” I said, my mind abuzz.

He nodded simply, biting his lower lip as I started to push my tight jeans over my big ass.

“I hope you like Mommy’s,” I said and I turned away from him and looked back over my shoulder.

I teased the pants down sexily over my butt, showing off the skimpy, thin material that barely covered my modesty.

I hopped out of my pants and moved back up to my panties, slipping my thumbs down the inside of the hips.

Kevin was working his cock as he watched, focused solely on my ass now.  I slid the fabric over my smooth skin and watching his pupils fatten with lust as the panties slid down my leg and I bent over.

He let out a whimper of approval as he looked into the crack of my ass, then he did something I really didn’t expect.

Without a word he lunged forwards and gripped my hips, pulling me back onto his face.

“Kevin!” I cried, but when I felt his tongue start to lap over my asshole the shock turned quickly to pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” I purred, and I put a hand on his head and held him in place.


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