Putt It In My Ass, Boy : Desperate Mothers

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Putt It In My Ass, Boy : Desperate Mothers
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

A mother in a rut, Juliette, is invited on a date to crazy-golf by her own son, Anthony, with the intention of raising her spirits, but when Anthony sees his mom all dolled up he starts to think things he shouldn’t.  Juliette hasn’t felt the touch of a man for some time and she’s feeling sexier and more adventurous than ever.  Read as she and Anthony enter the emergency stairwell and do things that a mother and son should never do!


Anthony kissed impossibly close, and Juliette let out another whimper, moving her pussy forwards in the hope that Anthony finally mouthed over her.

He pulled back, smiling as he teased her.  Juliette looked down, exasperated.

She tried not to laugh.  “You know how to teas—oooh!  Anthony!”

He clasped his lips over her and flicked his tongue up along her.  It slipped into her core, and he tasted her sweet, sticky juices.  They spread over his tongue, and he felt them all thick in his mouth.

“Anthony!” Juliette whined, and the stairwell filled with the impassioned echo.

He moved his mouth over her wildly and feasted on her pussy, sucking at her flesh so that the blood rushed to it.

Juliette’s sex was plump and swollen with arousal.  It was begging to be filled.  Anthony sucked on her clit, using his tongue to slip back the hood.

“Yes!” Juliette strained, grabbing the handrail.


Anthony took his fingers and pushed them inside his mother.  Juliette straightened her back against the hard, cool stairs.  She opened her mouth, but no voice escaped.  She hadn’t been fucked by anyone or anything in so long that Anthony’s fingers felt huge.  She gripped his wrist and started to come.

“Yes, Mom,” Anthony goaded, spotting the signs.  “Let it out all over me.”

He kissed and licked at her pussy, sliding his fingers back and forth along his mother’s tightening core.

Juliette rode out the climax, pushing down on her son’s fingers and losing herself.  She felt like such a slut with no panties on, but Anthony was treating her like a queen.

He kept his mouth on her all the way through her climax, running his tongue and lips along her folds and getting acquainted.  He could feel his hard cock pressing against his tight jeans.  It was running out of room.

Juliette came out the other side of her climax, breathing deep and opening her eyes.  She could think of only one thing.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said.

Anthony wiped his mouth.  “Mom?”

“Take out your cock and fuck me, honey.”

“Mom, I—I don’t know.”  He shook his head.  It sounded so stupid.  He’d just finished giving her an orgasm with his mouth and now he was conflicted over the thing that he wanted most of all.

“Don’t you think I’m sexy?” Juliette asked.  She kept her legs open and bit her finger.

Anthony stared at her soaked pussy.  He unfastened his belt.

“There’s a good boy,” she said, and she watched as he undressed.

He opened his jeans wide and pulled them down to his knees, then he took off his t-shirt and threw it behind him.

Juliette took a deep breath as she looked at his powerful physique.  She jostled the front of her dress down over her tits and then braced herself for him.

“Fuck me,” she told him.

Anthony looked at his mother, all naked and vulnerable before him.  He’d never known her in a state anywhere close to this, but he’d often dreamed of it.  He knew it was wrong and never entertained any of it.  Now that he had permission, he wasn’t about to waste it.

“Show me that fucking cock,” Juliette demanded, staring at the thick bulge that spread across the front of his boxer-shorts.

Anthony pulled his underwear down slowly, watching his mother’s face.  Her gaze was unwavering.  She put a hand to her pussy and started to rub slowly as she watched him.


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