Pure Sex 5: Accidentally Fell On Sis & Knocked Her Up – Part 1 Sis

by Amber FoxxFire

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No build-up, no cool-down, just 1500 words of raw, hardcore, incestuous sex. These stories are NOT for the faint of heart.

Part 1:

I had no earthly idea how good it felt to fuck my 18-year-old, red-haired virgin sister. She was so hot and tight that I thought I was in Heaven!

But when she revealed that she was fertile, that was it. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

My ploy worked!


"Sam! What the hell do you think you're doing?" Betty, my 18-year-old, red-haired sister, cried out as her naked body hit the floor.

I was heading to the shower just as my sister was exiting and suddenly a bright idea sprang into my 19-year-old head.

Within seconds, my cock was inches from my sister's sweet, nubile pussy. I'll just bet she was a virgin, too.

"If dad was here, he'd kick your ass!" She spat in my face.

I smothered my beautiful sister's sassy mouth, shoving my tongue deep inside. My cock was rock-hard and the way she was squirming underneath me just made me that much harder.

"You're actually going to fuck me, aren't you?" She seethed. "You're going to take my virginity right here in the fucking hallway."

I nodded and pressed my bulbous cock-head to her slick, just-showered, entrance. I noticed that she wasn't offering any resistance whatsoever.

"Really? You're a perv!" She swatted me playfully as she made funny faces.


The second my cock-head split her cunt lips, she smiled smugly. "Hope you like child support."

I pushed my 19-year-old cock deep into her tight tunnel and began playing with her breasts. "To see you running around the house with a beach-ball in your belly, knowing that you're carrying my baby...now that's worth it." I replied, sucking her fat, soon-to-be milk-filled nipple into my eager, greedy mouth. My shower having been completely forgotten.


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