Punishing Mom & Sis Behind The Wood Shed

by Amber FoxxFire

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It was simple, really. Mom and sis had fucked up. Badly. As I was the man of the house, it was my manly duty to punish them.

Let’s see:

Duct Tape: Check
Old, hardened leather belt: Check
Rope: Check
Two hot women I was free to do anything I wanted with: Check

Punishment never felt so good!


"I'm going to teach YOU a lesson. Now follow me!"

Mom hesitated, but to her credit, she followed. She wasn't stupid.

The walk out to the woodshed was very quiet and solemn. I glanced once behind me and saw two very contrite - if not embarrassed - women following.

Mom and sis couldn't have been more different. Sis was tall and toned. She had been the captain of her volleyball team and had leg muscles that could crush a man's head in no time. Her large breasts bounced up and down with each step. With long, blonde hair and green, inquisitive eyes, she was most definitely a looker.

Mom, on the other hand, was fairly short. Wide, motherly, child-bearing hips, massive breasts for her frame, brown hair that she kept up in a bun and steel-blue eyes.

Where Bonnie was anti-confrontational, mom was a bit more...mouthy. I was going to especially enjoy punishing her. My heart skipped a beat as I contemplated exactly what I was going to do.


The one thing I could not erase from my mind is that of my mother's filthy mouth happily around another man's cock. How long had this been going on? And my virgin sister, too? Was he really going to bang both and take her virginity?

I pounded my fist in my palm just thinking about it.

Once we got to the woodshed, I saw one of dad's leather belts hanging just inside. I popped in, grabbed it, scrounged around for some rope and duct tape. Fortunately, dad's woodshed was well-supplied in that regard.

"S...son?" Mom - usually very mouthy and VERY loud - stuttered. She shivered in the cool, mountain air, her fat, motherly nips hard as a rock. Neither woman made any move to cover their very hot, sexy bodies.

"Since dad isn't here, I'm the man of the house." I explained as a surge of power coursed through my body. These two women were 100% completely under my control. I could do anything to them I desired.

"Son, you can't be --" I slapped mom's face so quick that her head rocked back.

"Shut up. As far as I'm concerned, you lost your power when you cheated on dad."

Mom started to open her mouth, but then remembered the pain and wisely closed it.

"Who made you judge, jury and executioner?" Sis sassed, folding her arms across her beautiful, stacked chest, unintentionally propping her breasts up.


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