Punish Breeding My Three Sisters!

by Amber FoxxFire

Catching his three horny, slutty sisters in his room, Jack decided that what they needed was to be bred. Ordering them to strip for him, he takes each of them hard and without protection, making sure they satisfy him fully.

Will his sisters submit to his dominance and become his sexual slaves? There’s only one way to find out.

This smoldering, 3400 word story is exactly what you’re looking for.


"What are you three doing in my room?" I demanded from my sisters as I closed the door.

"Oh we're just hanging out, big brother." Jessica said as she flipped through one of my gaming magazines. Jessica had medium length, auburn hair and warm brown eyes. She was twenty two and the maturest of the three, she had small, but pert breasts and her butt was nice and plump.

"Yeah, can't we just pay our brother a visit? Or do we have to make an appointment?" Maria interjected. She was nineteen and the trouble maker of the three. She had her hair dyed black with a dark red streak down the side. It fell down to the middle of her back. She had bigger, rounder breasts and rarely wore a bra - especially around the house, so they were always flopping around.


"I think he's hiding something." Sara mentioned. While Maria was the trouble maker, Sara was firmly in second place, usually with Maria's bad behavior rubbing off on her. She had long, blonde hair and it cascaded down around her face. Her skin was a bit more tanned from always going to the beach. Her chest was the biggest of all and I wondered how she didn't get back and neck strain from they. They were huge and she was proud to show them off, she was only eighteen and yet her chest was so big.

They all looked at me expectantly. Maria giggled, I could see in her hands was one of my porno magazines. She was flipping through it and noticing my taste in women. "Looks like brother is a titty man." She said, showing off the giant rack of a porn star that I particularly liked.

They began to laugh and giggle and this annoyed me. They had barged into my room unannounced. It only seemed fair that I tease them as well.

Before she knew what had happened, I shut the door, wrapped my arms around my little sister, Jessica, and pulled her in.

"Looks like you girls get just as horny as me." I said with bravado and leaned in to kiss her. And quick as a flash, my lips were on hers.

Surprising her, it took for a moment to adjust, but soon I felt her tongue against mine, kissing back eagerly. The other two watched as I kissed and held my sister, groping her breasts with my hands. Her chest was so cute, her small breasts were great and as I teased them. I could feel her getting more anxious to be touched.

After tasting one sister, why not the others? They had barged in, teased me about my lusts, now it was their turn to see how they handled their own desires.

"Ooh! That's a bold move, Cotton! Let's see if it works out..." Jessica cooed breathlessly.

Wrapping my arms around Sara's neck, I confidently pulled her to me, kissing her hotly on the lips. She had just seen me kiss Jessica and wasn't surprised at all by what I was doing, instead she invited me to kiss her by licking my cheek and then opening her lips so I could slip my tongue into her mouth.


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