Pumping My Fat Sister Full Of Cum

by Penelope Liksit

I'd had it with a world full of wannabe models who were nothing but skin and bone. I wanted them big-and they didn't come any bigger than my big sister...                                                   


“I don’t mean to sound rude man, but I reckon I would have to tie a plank to my backside if ever I was going to fuck your sister. She must have a fucking cave for a cunt.”
“I would say your sister is a roll it in flour and aim for the wet spot job, but you’d need a whole fucking four mill man.”
“You know what dude, I reckon your sister could get knocked up with triplets and nobody would know.”
Yes, I really had heard all the hilarious comments about my fat-or should I say Rubenesque-sister Fiona. But it was that last comment that really stuck in my head. When I thought about it she really was large enough to knock up without anyone noticing.
You may ask how this fact could possibly be any relevance to me as her brother. Well, the short answer to that question was that jerking off while spying on her lathering her voluptuous body in the shower had long been part of my morning routine.

About the Author

The queen of ultrasmut will take care of all those taboo needs of yours, whether they be incest, bestiality, dub-con or non-con. Expect it rough, nasty and as perverse as it gets.

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