Pumped Full of Daddy’s Cum

Daddy Daughter Breeding Incest Taboo Pregnancy XXX Erotica

by Tori Westwood

I guess I got carried away after the volleyball victory and when Daddy congratulates me I kiss him a little too deeply. In no time at all he's got his hands all over me and he quickly does away with my jersey, claiming me right there in the truck in an intense taboo bout of fucking that I'll never forget. And the best part? Daddy's gonna empty his load right inside my fertile pussy and maybe I'll get that baby I've always wanted!


It all happened so fast and before I knew it I was staring down at Daddy's swollen cock, gripped in a fist and being held upright in front of me.

I stared at it like it was something alien, watching the veins become more pronounced along its length as he held it tighter, flowing upwards towards the shiny crown that seemed to beckon me on to it.

"Would you like to suck it, Chelsea?" he asked, as though he genuinely didn't know the answer.

I leaned over towards it to get a closer look, noticing the subtle jolt it made as the blood pulsed in to it.

"I'd love to," I said, and Daddy released it.  I grabbed it before gravity caught it fully, bringing it back upright and aiming it towards my mouth.

I licked my lips in anticipation, ready to break the taboo and drive Daddy inside me for the first time ever and hopefully not the last time that day.


He lent back as I moved in, gripping a pig-tail of my hair and holding it behind my head as he watched my mouth approach his thick meat.

I gasped over it, driving it inside me and clamping my lips around it when I felt it touch the back of my throat.

"Oh, Chelsea," Daddy cried, letting out a big sigh as though a large weight had been lifted from him.

My tongue circled around the thick barrel of his length and I sucked back off it, bringing it out of my mouth and looking down to examine what I'd done to him.

His cock was wet and glistening now, lubricated by my saliva and it somehow managed to look even more delicious than before.  In no time at all it was back in my mouth and I was sliding up and down the barrel with a vengeance, covering it in spit and following my mouth quickly with my hand, beating Daddy's cock like a good girl should.


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