Pregnant Farm Cow Gets Plowed (Part 2)

by Bessie Hucow

It’s been six months since Melody got knocked up and became Robert the farm-hand’s personal Hucow. Selling her delicious cream has helped, but the farm still has a ways to go to be paid off. Charles, a tall, handsome cowboy, is willing to make them an offer they can’t refuse. What happens when he wants more than their agreement?

You know what you like and you know that this book is going to give it to you! What are you waiting for? Take a peek inside for a hot preview and get to reading!


Six months had passed since Robert had taken me as his personal Hucow and knocked me up. My belly had grown wide with his child and I proudly displayed it for all to see. We were still in the process of saving the farm, but so far, he was right: Hucow milk sold extremely well. So well, in fact, that we had a client offer big money for a "personalized" shipment. That client - Charles - was on his way from Atlanta at this very moment.

Once I started showing, we made the decision to let the old folks in on our plans. The old man grunted, saying something about the youth of today, but the old woman was beside herself. I think she wanted us together from that very first night when I showed up on their doorstep cold, tired and hungry having just been thrown out by my (ex)-boyfriend. Of course when Robert walked in on me naked as Mary was warming me up by the fire, things kind of accelerated.


Waiting on Charles to arrive from the airport was nerve-wracking. I knew I had Robert's blessing, but it was still weird thinking about letting another man milk me and plant his seed in my growing belly.

"Are you sure you're okay with this, Robert?" I kissed him on the cheek as Charles pulled up in the driveway.

He smiled and shook his head. "You're not going to run off with him, are you?"

"No," I said firmly. That was the truth. I loved my life. I enjoyed being milked and fucked every day. When I was a naughty Hucow - which was often - Robert would have to set me straight.

"And since you can't get knocked up with his baby..."

"How much did you say he was paying us?" I asked as I checked myself out in the mirror one last time. I wanted everything to be in perfect place.

"The remainder of the mortgage - thirty thousand." He came up behind me and kissed me on the neck as he ran his large hands all over my curvaceous body.

"Wow," I said as I turned to him. "Thirty grand for just one night?"

Robert shook his head. "I regret to inform you that he has purchased the right to milk you for a month. He's allowed to do whatever he wants to you during that time. If he wants to fuck you five times a day, that's his prerogative. If he wants to milk you three times a day, he can do that, too."

My eyes went wide. "You never told me this. I thought this was just a one night thing."

"Look, it's for the best. Just give to him what you would give to me and he'll walk away a satisfied customer and this farm will be paid for. Mary's already said that if we can find a way to keep the house that she'll will it to us."

I thought about his words for a few moments as I heard the knock on the door. I let Mary answer it. On the one hand it bothered me that he didn't talk to me about this beforehand, but on the other I was very much thrilled to be letting myself be taken by another dominant man. I felt like such a slut thinking about obeying another man's wishes and letting him fill me. Robert just said that I should do whatever the man wanted me to do. And I vowed that I would.

To avoid any problems with the old folks, Robert had explained to them that there was a big, potential customer stopping by to check out our operation. He told them that if this deal succeeded that his business meant the house could be paid off. Of course it was a naughty lie, but I really didn't think they could accept or understand the truth.


About the Author

Bessie Hucow is a cow. She likes doing cow things such as mooing and eating grass. She also likes to write very dirty stories. How does a cow write dirty stories? Simple, she nicked a computer and brought it into her barn where she writes under lamplight in the middle of the night when all her humans think she's asleep.

Why? To bring you the very best stories that a cow can write.

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