Popping A Sleeping Virgin’s Cherry

Sleep Sex Taboo Creampie Breeding Bareback Virgin Cherry First Time

by Nocturas Dreamwhisper

Nick is having a great day.

While he’s usually all alone on the late night train downstate, tonight he has company. A sweet, sexy co-ed named Miko.

Nick gets to spend several hours with the pretty Japanese teenager. Unfortunately, she has a little problem. She confides to him, that once she’s asleep, NOTHING can wake her up, and she is very tired.  She asks him if he could please watch over her, because she would just hate it if someone took advantage of her nubile young body while she slept. Especially since she is still a VIRGIN.

What would you do?

Well, of course, Nick defiles the sweet, innocent eighteen year old. Taking her mouth, her cherry, and filling her unprotected belly with his seed.


I closed my eyes for a second, enjoying the sensation, trying my damnedest to control my raging hormones. As I pulled my finger from those kissable lips, she shifted on my lap, rolling onto her back, those slim, shapely legs falling open.  Go on… explore a little at least.  That damned devil egged me on as my trembling fingers brushed lightly over her shirt, feeling the softness of her tits beneath the thin fabric.


I could feel her tiny nipples stiffen as I stroked them. I cupped one of her breasts and gave it a nice firm squeeze, waiting for her to sit up and scream. Instead her breath quickened a little as I felt her up. Her tits were small, just a little handful, but they were so wonderfully firm. My cock was hard as steel, trying to break out from the confinement of my pants. She nuzzled the bulge with her head as I gave her pencil-point nips a little tweak.

My hand moved down over her flat tummy to her skirt. I leaned just a bit and pulled the short skirt up. She was wearing full-cut powder blue panties. I could see the bulge in front from her bush of pubic hair, a few strands peeking out from the waistband.

My hand was shaking pretty bad as I slipped my fingers under that waistband. Her bush wasn’t all that thick, but the hairs were so soft. My hand moved deeper, finally touching her sex. It was hot and moist as I rubbed her clit gently. A soft moan came from deep in her chest as I stroked lower, brushing my fingers through her lips. They felt small and dainty, just like the rest of her.

“Mhmm…” she moaned softly as her hips pushed against my hand.  See… she wants you… needs you… Who wants to stay a virgin at college?  The devil won as I pulled my hand from her panties and brought it to my nose, inhaling the fresh, musky scent of teen pussy, virgin pussy.


About the Author

Greetings, mortal. I am Nocturas. Do I seem familiar? I should. You see, I am a Demon. But not just any demon, oh, no, I watch over the dreams and nightmares of you mortals. Don’t let TV shows fool you, we demons watch over many aspects of human life.
When you drift off to sleep at night… or take a cat-nap on the train, I am there, waiting for you. You’re in my world, and you only get to leave when I allow it. You become my plaything, and I do love to play. Eternity gets very boring for a lusty demoness, so I have my fun with mortals in their dreams.

Thankfully, I’m not bound to the netherworld, nor to your dreams. I walk among you, being seen in my true form when I wish it, or remaining hidden with illusions. My favorite way to pass time is to tempt one person into taking advantage of someone I have locked into a dream. Be it a mother and son, daughter and father, or a complete strangers. It’s so satisfying to see the fun they have… well, one of them at least. And afterwards? Oh… the explanations are priceless.

You’re a kinky one. Don’t try and deny it, remember I’ve seen what you dream about. You want me to tell you a story about someone taking advantage of a helpless dreamer? Kissing, caressing, and violating someone while they are asleep?  Well, if you insist...

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