Poolhouse Lust

by Kess Kirkwood

Book Cover: Poolhouse Lust
Part of the Teaching Abby series:

Abby just couldn’t help herself. Her Daddy was just way to hot. He made her feel all gooey whenever she was around him. She wanted to know if he could make her scream the way her momma did late at night.

After her best friend’s Graduation party, she found herself alone in the poolhouse with Daddy. When his trunks hit the ground she knew why Momma cried and begged for more. She wanted him more than ever as he held her perfect body close.

She was shocked when he called her ‘his lil slut’, she was a good girl. But as he made her body tremble, more than her boyfriend ever had, she knew deep down that she really did want to be ‘Daddy’s lil slut.’


“You’ve done this before haven’t you? Have you been sucking Glenn’s cock?” he asked.

She pulled the cock out of her mouth, but kept stroking it with her hands. “Yes, Daddy.” She thought of her boyfriend’s small dick, shame written plainly on her beautiful upturned face..

“You like sucking cock don’t you? Are you a little slut? You’re pretty good at it… but I think my little slut needs more practice.” He gave her a dirty grin, his eyes flashing with desire.


That shame blossomed at the thought of her Daddy thinking she was a slut. It made her feel dirty. But the look in his eyes made her pussy quiver. She could feel her cream leaking into her panties.  If he wants me to be a slut, I can be a slut… as long as I’m his slut.  “Yes Daddy. I love sucking cock. But I love sucking yours best.” She hesitated before committing herself. “I wanna be your little slut, Daddy.”

With that said, she wrapped her mouth around the monster again, taking as much as she could. She sucked with renewed fervor, moaning around the shaft stuffed in her mouth. She twisted her head from side to side and rubbed her tongue along the underside, getting his cock wet with her spit. His moans filled her ears making her heart burst with happiness.


About the Author

I’m originally from the Midwest, but moved to the West Coast as soon as I could. I love the sunshine, hot older guys, and looser morals out here. I’m pretty kinky in the bedroom, wanting to try new things all the time. One of those things is Incest roleplaying. I’ve never understood what the big deal was about incest… obviously, I had a huge crush on my Daddy growing up.

So now, I love to write stories drawn from personal experience, mine and some of my friends. All the dirty, nasty things we dreamt of doing with our family members, and each other’s. Of course, there is a lot of  imagination added in to spice things up.

My stories explore all the things that can happen between daddies and daughters, cousins, nieces, siblings… pretty much anything incest related. Most are loving, even if the sex gets rough, but who knows what I’ll feel like writing. I love long, detailed descriptions, which is why I’m with Wicked Fantasies. I want to make you feel everything and have a story long enough for a “Happy Ending!”

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