Please, Uncle Frank, Don’t Pull Out!

by Kess Kirkwood

Carrie is a typical teenager. She’s pretty, but insecure because of her small breasts and petite body. When she graduated high school, her father expects her to go to college. The only problem is that she hates school. She wants to have a baby and start a family.

When she gets to visit her sexy uncle, she can’t believe the bad-boy of the family has gotten even hotter since she was younger. She feels he’s way out of her league but just can’t help but fantasize about him making love to her and knocking her up.

She knows it’s wrong, but that’s what makes it so hot, right?

It’s a good thing her loving uncle is there to teach her that old saying is true; Incest IS Best! As Carrie’s sexuality is truly awakened, she learns that deep inside she’s a dirty talking slut that is willing to do anything to please her Uncle Frank, and get is seed deep in her belly.

* * * * *

This is first Companion Book from Wicked Fantasies. It complements Fucking My Fertile Niece by Felix Stanton. It is a complete story on it’s own, but it’s told from Carrie’s point of view. Incredible sex, complete with all the emotions and insecurities of a teenage girl. While Felix’s book tells the story from Frank’s side, manly and to the point.

Each book will have a code to get half off the other book if purchased through Smashwords.



She stepped into the shower, letting the hot water cascade over her body. The droplets stung her already tingling flesh as she lathered up her teenage body. Her hands roamed everywhere, wishing they were her uncle’s. Her breath quickened as she caressed her flat stomach and cupped her plump breasts. They seemed so sensitive now, the slightest touch sent waves of pleasure to her pussy, making it leak her slick girly cream. Hmm… so damn horny! I know what that means… I’ve got to ovulating.


Oh, God, I can’t believe I told Uncle Frank I wanted a baby. I don’t know what I was thinking. If he tells Dad I told him I want to get out of college by getting knocked up, I’m in such deep shit. Her soapy hands brushed over her smooth pubic mound, causing butterflies to flutter in her stomach. She pinched one of her thick nipples between her fingers as she slipped the other hand between her legs. A loud moan escaped her lips as she ran a finger over her swollen clit.

Have to make sure I’m nice and clean… ya… Oh fuck… that feels good. I just wish it was Uncle Frank… oh, god, I have to stop thinking like that. There’s no way he would want to fuck me. Against her will, she imagined her uncle’s huge cock sliding into her. She pushed one finger into her dripping cunny, while rolling her nipple roughly between her fingers. Waves of pleasure surged through her small body, making her legs tremble


About the Author

I’m originally from the Midwest, but moved to the West Coast as soon as I could. I love the sunshine, hot older guys, and looser morals out here. I’m pretty kinky in the bedroom, wanting to try new things all the time. One of those things is Incest roleplaying. I’ve never understood what the big deal was about incest… obviously, I had a huge crush on my Daddy growing up.

So now, I love to write stories drawn from personal experience, mine and some of my friends. All the dirty, nasty things we dreamt of doing with our family members, and each other’s. Of course, there is a lot of  imagination added in to spice things up.

My stories explore all the things that can happen between daddies and daughters, cousins, nieces, siblings… pretty much anything incest related. Most are loving, even if the sex gets rough, but who knows what I’ll feel like writing. I love long, detailed descriptions, which is why I’m with Wicked Fantasies. I want to make you feel everything and have a story long enough for a “Happy Ending!”

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