Please Brother! Don’t Tell Mom & Dad! We’ll Do Anything!

by Amber FoxxFire

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Catching my two 18 and 19-year-old sisters in a very compromising situation, I did what any big brother would do: I took plenty of pictures and blackmailed them. With the threat of mom and dad finding out, I “convinced” them to allow me to breed them and knock a baby in their wombs.

Watch as I impregnate them on their own beds and show them who’s in charge with mom and dad just in the other room.


"Wonder if anyone's home." I said to myself as I shut the door quietly. I turned on the lights and made my way towards the kitchen to grab myself a drink.

I was quite energetic and feeling great. I had just won a ton of cash from my friends at poker night and I had over three hundred bucks burning a hole in my pocket.

Feeling thirsty, I grabbed a drink from the kitchen. Popping the can, I started to walk towards my room and contemplate how to spend my easy won money.

Upon reaching the end of the hall, right before going up the stairs, I saw my 18 and 19-year-old sisters' light on and decided to go take a peek.

The door was ajar, so I slid it open a bit more and saw them in their panties.

They hadn't noticed I was there, and it looked like they were up to something, so I stayed quiet and just watched to see what they were up to.


Tara was easy to spot, she had long red hair and beautiful green eyes, they were bright and full of happiness. Her bosom was quite large too and I soon saw her bra pop off and drop to the floor. She was undressing and was nearly naked, only her panties were left.

Her smooth, white skin was nearly entirely covered, and as she leaned down to slip her panties off, I got a nice view of her round thick ass.

I moved the door just a bit more, trying not to be seen, but wanting to see who the other person she was with, to my surprise it was my other sister Felicia!

She shared a room across from Tara, but she was here for more than a visit as I saw her kiss Tara right on the lips, a giggle escaping her lips.

She was a bit shorter than her, her breasts were smaller but a nice handful, her nipples were quite perky.
She had a lot of freckles on her skin but her skin was quite smooth, she took care of herself and looked just as amazing as Tara.

Her hair was shorter, about medium length and quite wavy.

She was naked and groping Tara, both started to giggle and kiss each other getting comfortable.
Deciding I needed to intervene, I grabbed my cell-phone and started to snap a few pictures of their naughty playtime.

"How are you doing, sisters?" I asked them as I walked through the door.

I flashed them a smile and saw them cover up as quickly as possible, Tara grabbed her shirt and looked horrified that I had seen them.

"We weren't doing anything!" Exclaimed Felicia, she looked ready to run back into her room. I then showed her the cell-phone and let her see the photo evidence of what I had caught.

"I guess I should send this to mom, and dad too, better make sure to email and text them to make sure they get it." I said.


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