Owned By Daddy

Punishment Daddy-Daughter Rape Incest BBW Erotica

by Ami White

My daughter was out of control. She was going around town, spreading her fat legs for any boy who would look in her direction. Her whoring finally affected me when my boss pulled me aside one day and told me to keep my slutty daughter away from his son. When I confronted her about the trouble she was causing me, that little bitch got bratty with me. I lost my temper and showed that fat slut what it really meant when a man owned a woman.

This short story (2,900+ words) is about a father who uses violent oral, anal, and first-time sex to teach his BBW daughter a lesson. This story is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.


I lost my temper and lunged for her. She jumped out of the way just enough that I couldn’t get a good grip on her. She started to run for the living room, but I reached out and caught her by the waistband of her skirt.

I caught in the back of the waistband and when I pulled her to me, I could feel my middle finger slip between her ass cheeks.

“Daddy, you’re touching my ass! That’s so wrong,” she squealed.

She was right. It was very wrong, but it also felt good. The taboo thrill of touching a woman’s ass was making my cock stiffen. The fact that it was my own daughter’s ass that I was touching made the thrill even hotter.

About the Author

Hi! My name is Ami White and I write naughty, sexy stories for Snowflake Press. I hope you enjoy my taboo stories.

See you between the sheets…

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