Owned By Daddy

by Lita Gyle

Cathy is desperate to get Daddy’s attention. She loves her virile father with every fiber of her being, and she wants to show him just how much and in how many ways she can be Daddy’s girl. Owen tries to resist her, but he wants his sweet baby girl, and since she’s teasing him, his control can’t last. When he catches the nineteen-year-old on a date, he snaps and has to stake his claim on his sweet daughter. Poor innocent Cathy is about to get owned by Daddy, and she’s going to love every long, thick, and hard inch as he leaves his mark and claims her unprotected body.

This title is about bloodlines incest. There is no pseudo in this scorcher.

About the Author

Lita Gyle is a filthy girl with dark fantasies she loves to share with you.

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