One Wish For Anal : Anal Incest 13

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: One Wish For Anal : Anal Incest 13
Part of the Anal Incest series:

Young and dumb – I guess that’s what I was.  Because when someone grants you one wish, you don’t wish to get taken in the ass by the closest guy to you.

A mystic at the fairground offers me one wish, and she’s aghast when that’s what I say.  I wasn’t taking it seriously, but I wish I did!  Now I’m getting taken in the ass by my own Daddy just meters from the fairground and I’m begging for his release!


“Daddy!” I burst.  “Your tongue!”

He pulled his mouth off me.  “I know baby,” he spoke, and I could feel his words on my wet ass and soaking pussy.  “I’m getting you ready.”

“Ready for your cock?”

He hummed his response as he tongued into me again.  His muscle waggled in my knot, and I felt a delightful tingle of pleasure ripple up my spine.  Was this what anal sex was like?  If it was, then I wanted a whole bunch more, but something told me the sensations would be markedly different.

“Oh, that’s perfect,” he said, and now he was pushing my cheeks open with both of his hands and washing his tongue right over me.

“How does it look?” I asked.

“It’s like a perfect little dot that I’m going to ruin,” daddy said, letting off a laugh.

I tried to laugh with him but every time he licked me he snatched my breath away.


I held the bark of the tree in one hand and used the other to push down my body and tease at my pussy.  The paired sensations started to drive me wild.  Getting fucked in the ass was quickly moving up that list of my top thousand wishes.

“I want your fucking cock,” I told daddy, gaining confidence.

Daddy stood up and again I braced myself for it.  Instead, he spun me around again and pushed me down at the shoulders.

I dropped to my knees gladly, finally able to see what I was dealing with.  Daddy was big.  His cock was swinging right in front of my face, and it was clear that he expected me to do something with it.

Daddy was a coiled spring of eroticism, and I wasn’t about to waste the opportunity.  I doubt it would ever present itself again.

So just like that I opened my mouth and put him inside it.  I pushed my lips tight around his crown and listened to him lose himself above me.  I looked up to make eye-contact with him, but daddy was too busy howling at the moon and removing his shirt.  He was like a damn werewolf with his hairy chest.  His ferocious horniness was making the juices drip from my pussy.  Like, literally drip.  They stringed their way to the grass beneath me.  I started to rub them back against my pussy and I imagined his cock breaking me open.  It was a shame that the creaminess in my folds would be of no aid.

Instead, I could only rely on our saliva, and I was doing my best to leave as much of that on daddy’s cock as I could.

I pulled him from my mouth to inspect him and the blueish light of the moon reflected off the slick spit that adorned him.

“Look at that,” I hushed, moving my face around it to see it from every angle.

From every direction it looked huge.  More than that it looked delicious.  I wanted it, and if I had to take it in my ass then so be it.  If I could enjoy it, then maybe the mystic hadn’t got one over on me after all.

“I’m ready,” I told him.

I got to my feet and turned on the spot.  My jeans around my ankles pulled tight, but I quite liked the restriction.  Daddy didn’t seem to mind it either.  He left his pants where they were and put a hand on my shoulder as he used the other to guide himself between my cheeks.

“That’s it,” he said steadily.

“There,” I told him, playing co-pilot.  “Push.”


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