Off Grid : Desperate Mothers

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Off Grid : Desperate Mothers
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

A woman invites her son, Hunter, to her off-grid property to help her build a shed.  An afterwork, outdoor shower proves too inviting for each of them as they spy on one another in turn, getting a taste of what they want most of all.

Read as Hunter enters his mother and leaves her with his release deep inside her, satisfying each of their deep-held desires in a bout of taboo, outdoor love-making that neither of them will ever forget.


“Mom,” he hushed.

I kissed at his pecs and rubbed at the sides of his body as I crouched to my knees.  I didn’t dare look at what was ahead of me yet.  Instead, I teased myself, kissing above and around it and feeling it brush against my bare chest and tits.

“Honey, I love you,” I hushed, taking one last look up into his eyes.

He stared down and met my eyes.  “I love you too.”

Finally, I looked forwards and felt the rush of adrenaline as I spied his cock.  Up close I could see all the majestic veins that breathed life into it.  It was still wet from his shower and the light between us danced off it perfectly.

I took a hold of it and steered it towards my mouth, opening over him and drinking him in.  His stiffness slid through my lips and I felt the power of my son’s arousal in my mouth.  Above me he let out a moan and brushed my hair aside.


I looked up again with a mouthful of his cock, meeting his eyes.  I smirked and then sank down on him as far as I could, relishing the sounds that escaped him as I did.

“Oh, Mom, that’s so fucking good,” he whined.

There, beside the shed we’d built together, I took him.  He stood on the grass facing the house with the glorious views behind him, but I only had eyes for one thing.

My hand worked the hilt of his cock as my tongue circled the head.  I dropped on and off him, pinching my lips tight around him and dragging them off sensually as I twisted my grip.  All the while my tongue flicked at the sensitive underside and all the while Hunter let out appreciative moans.

“That’s so good, Mom,” he hushed.

Whenever my eyes opened, I looked up to see him admiring my work.  It was hot to be on show beneath him like that.  As I writhed on my knees, I could feel my pussy against the rough fabric of my jeans.  I was wet beyond belief, almost embarrassingly so.  I’d never known it to dribble out of me quite like that.

“I want you too, Mom,” Hunter said after enjoying the blowjob for several minutes.

I took him from my mouth.  “You do, huh?”

“I want to return the favor.”

Jeez, that was a thrill to hear.  That had been a long time too.  I was just thankful I kept a razor out here.

“I won’t stop you doing that,” I told him.

He crouched to the floor with me and gave me a kiss, then he gently eased my shoulders back.  I surrendered and fell back against the cool, thick grass.  It tickled my back.  I stared down over my tits at Hunter as he opened my jean shorts with a smirk.

“No panties,” he said, biting his lip.

I didn’t say anything.  I was too focused on the impending act to even be able to think straight.

He pulled the waist as I lifted my ass.  The shorts slid down over my smooth skin.  I closed my legs quickly as Hunter tossed them aside.

He started at my ankle with a kiss, then moved slowly up over my shin.  As he did so his hand opened my knees with a little pressure.  I thought it unbecoming to just split my legs wide for him like that.  I wanted him to earn it.  Besides, I was his mother … mothers didn’t do that, even if they were as desperate as me.


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