Naughty Taboo Forty 7 : 40 Stories

by Betsi Ality, Millie King, Kimmy Welsh, Tori Westwood

'Naughty Taboo Forty' features 40 stories and 180,000 words of the naughtiest erotica on the planet. Including Dirty Daddies, Sinful Mothers, Bratty Virgin Daughters, Brother Sister Incest, Innocent Randy Sons, Incestual Bodyswaps, Bestiality as well as a heavy dollop of threesomes, anal and breeding thrown in for good measure.

The naughty stories in the Taboo Mega 40-Packs are not duplicated in the other 40-Packs.
Featuring –
1. Cuffed
2. I Became My Horny Mom
3. Taking Length By The Pool
4. Squashed In My Ass
5. Taking It In My Ass In The Treehouse
6. Off Grid
7. Putt It In My Ass, Boy
8. Private Sale
9. Soaked And F’d By My Son
10. The Handywoman
11. Mommy’s Naughty Wish
12. Sex With My Son In The Sauna
13. Bound And Satisfied
14. Daddy Sucked My T’s Before The Show
15. My T-Milk For Free
16. Coffee Liqueur
17. Milk Trading
18. More Milk Minister
19. Daddy’s Raffle Ticket
20. Borrowing Her Daughter’s Vibrator
21. My Daughter’s First
22. Skinny Dipping With My Sons
23. Family Affairs
24. Not Home Alone
25. The Spy Who F’d Her Son
26. Cockdown After Lockdown
27. Blown My Backdoor In
28. Daddy Popped My Anal Cherry
29. Daddy In the Mirror
30. Well Hung, Drawn & Daughtered
31. Getting Dirty With Daddy
32. My First Time Below Deck
33. Grinding My Ass On My Daddy’s Cock
34. Sex Education With The Dog
35.Dog C Surprise
36. Daddy Busted Me Wide Open With His Sniffer-Dog
37. Daddy Filmed Me F’ing The Dog
38. Watching My Daughter And Her Dog F
39. Using My Dog On My Daughter
40. Daddy Used Me To Tire The Dog


Cuffed : Mom Swap 8

Trent sat in his squad car, shielded from the sun by the billboard that he’d parked behind.  There were several of them on the way out of town and they were known haunts for cops hunting for speeding-tickets, but that didn’t stop the residents of Harrow from regularly getting caught.

Trent kept the window down.  He could hear the traffic approaching and by now knew just from the sound that their wheels made on the asphalt as they approached whether the mystery car was speeding or not.

It had been a busy day.  The huge drink that he’d picked up from the fast-food joint earlier was almost completely drained.  Truth be told, most things moved slowly around Harrow.  Most things, that was, except traffic.

A grin arrived on Trent’s face as he heard a distant vehicle.  He knew instantly that it was a car.  His ears were just tuned that way.


As it raced towards him, he readied his keys.  Purely from the speed at which the sound grew louder, Trent knew that this one was going fast.

The car sped past him, kicking out a trail of dust in its wake.  Trent twisted the keys in the ignition and the wheels spun off the dirt.  His car caught the traction of the road and he was propelled forwards, following behind the rogue driver who was obscured in a cloud of dust.

The motorist was yet to even notice the flashing lights behind her.  She was busy singing to the local radio-station as it pumped out a chorus of soft-rock.

Her hands tapped on the wheel and then she caught the sound of a siren in the breaks of the music.  Her brow furrowed and she looked to the rear-view mirror.

“Shit,” she hushed, but at the back of her mind she felt relief.  Her son was a police-officer after all.

She was at the last billboard when she finally signaled off the road and pulled over.  The sign had been installed recently and bore only two words: ‘Change: Now.’  Carla thought it was some political message that she wasn’t up-to-speed on.

In the car behind Trent cursed.  He was already annoyed that the vehicle had taken so long to stop.  He knew how far apart each billboard was placed.  None of this bode well for the driver.

He pulled up behind the perpetrator and got out of his squad car.  He sighed and took off his shades, sliding them down into the top-pocket of his blue shirt.  He recognized the car and its plate.  He recognized its driver.  Wearily he walked towards the window.

“Do you have any idea how fast you were going, Mom?” Trent said.

“Honey!” she beamed.  “Thank God it’s you.  Bingo starts in twenty minutes and I’m late.”

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

“Too fast,” she answered quickly.  “Too fast.  Sorry.  But I’m late!”

“This isn’t a game, Mom.  People could be hurt.”

“Out here?”  she looked behind at the empty road.  “There’s no-one around!”

“That’s not the point, Mom.”

“Sweetie, I have to go,” she said, turning the key in the ignition.

“Shut off the vehicle!” he ordered.

“I’m late,” his Mom cried.  “The girls will start without me.”

“Turn.  It.  Off.”

Carla started to pull away.  Her son hurried quickly in front of her car and slammed his hands on the hood.  “Stop!”

Carla stared at her angry son through the windshield.  “I’m late, honey!  Let me go!”

“Turn off the engine, now!”

Carla sighed and twisted the keys.

Her son stomped angrily around the car and snatched them from the ignition.

“Step out of the vehicle,” he said.

“Just give me the damn ticket!”

“It’s too late for that, Mom.  Out of the vehicle.  We can pick your car up later.”

Carla started to laugh.  “What?  You’re gonna arrest me?”

Trent wasn’t, of course, but he needed to teach his mother a lesson in respect.

“Out of the car,” he insisted again.

“Ugh!” Carla sighed, unbuckling.

She opened the door of the car and stepped out, standing close to her son with her hands on her shapely hips.  She bent a knee.  “Happy?”

“Face the vehicle.”


Trent unclipped his cuffs from his belt.  “Face the vehicle.”

“You’re handcuffing me!”

“You’re making me nervous, ma’am,” Trent said, toying with her.

“Is this one of those new kinks?” Carla teased.

Trent took his Mom’s wrist and spun her around, pushing her up against the car.  He had no problem being forceful if it was necessary.

“Honey!” she cooed.  “I didn’t know you could be so dominant.”

Trent put the cuffs around his mother’s wrist and she felt the cool steel against her.  Things were suddenly getting much more real.

“You won’t be making bingo,” he told her.

“It’s a rollover!” Carla cried.

Just then the radio in Trent’s car buzzed to life.  “CALLING ALL PERSONELL.  WE HAVE AN INCIDENT AT CHASE AND MATTHEWS.”

The adrenaline pumped into Trent’s veins instantly.  Chase and Matthews was the biggest bank in town.  This could be the action he’d been craving to see.

“Better let me go,” Carla said with a wry smile.

Trent was eager to answer the call, but didn’t want to let his Mom off the hook.  This was a lesson that he felt she needed to learn, for her own good if no-one else’s.

He looked at the billboard.  “Change: Now,” he read.

Carla looked to it too.  “I didn’t get it either.”

He took her by the handcuffs and moved towards the billboard.  Carla stumbled over the dirt, looking to her son with worry.

“You’re gonna leave me out here?” she blared.

“You didn’t listen, Mom, and you’re too dangerous to be released.”

“Take me with you,” she said.  “It’s baking out here.”

“There’s shade behind the billboard,” Trent said.

He took her back behind it.  The cop-cars didn’t ever wait this far out of town.  It was cast in shadow with an eerie level of cool.  Carla found it pleasant when compared to the temperature in her stuffy car.

“I can’t believe this!” she said.  “I’ll be speaking to your manager.”

“We don’t’ have manager’s, Mom,” Trent said, and he snapped the cuffs around one of the metal support-bars.

He moved back to his car quickly, ignoring his Mom’s pleas.  As he approached he heard that the alert over the radio had changed.


“Fuck!” Trent cried, and he kicked at the dirt.

He looked back at the billboard, wondering if he could still leave his mother behind it.  He really didn’t want to have to deal with her today.

“Fuck,” he said again.

He walked back to where he’d left her, rounding the billboard and spotting his Mom with a serene smile upon her face.

“You got lucky,” Trent said.

His Mom said nothing.  Instead, she smiled.  Trent’s brow furrowed.  So strange was his Mom’s reaction that he didn’t even notice that his hairs were standing on end.

“What’s with you?” he said.

“Change.  Now,” his Mom said simply.

Trent reached out to untie her but the second he touched her wrist he felt a flash of brilliant color that blinded him.

He stumbled back, blinking hard in a desperate attempt to adjust to the sudden intense light.  The cool behind the billboard remained despite what felt like heat on his face from the explosion of white.

“Whoa,” he said.  “Are you okay?”

His voice sounded much higher than normal.

He blinked, trying desperately to adjust back to the regular contrast of the hot desert scrub.  He tried to move and found it difficult.  His hands didn’t want to cooperate with his feet.

“Mom?” he asked, blinking up at a silhouetted figure.

“It would appear not,” the figure said, and its voice sounded all-too familiar.

Trent blinked quickly and the scene from before returned, only things were not as they were.  He wore a pair of handcuffs around his slender wrists and was all too aware of his new breasts.

“Change.  Now,” the figure said, and Trent could see now that it was a police-officer like himself.

“I don’t know what’s happened here, officer, but if you could just release me then I can show you all of my credentials.”

Trent looked down himself.  He wore a tight pair of light-blue jeans and a white tank-top … just like his mother.

“That won’t be happening.”

Trent blinked at the officer and the man’s face came into view.  He gasped in shock.

“What the fuck?” Trent hushed.

“How the tables of turned,” the man said.  “Fancy cuffing your mother like that.”

Trent pulled at the metal.  It was unforgiving.  As he yanked at the bindings his breasts swung against his shirt.

“Figured it out yet?” the officer said.

Trent looked at the image of himself, speaking in his own voice.  He could barely make the words to reply.  He waited to wake up.

“Looks like I’m the cop now,” the man said.

“Then who am I?” Trent asked.

“I didn’t raise a boy so slow, did I?” the man said, smirking.  “You’re me.”

Trent pushed his eyebrows together.  “Mom?”

He watched her smile, using his face to display the expression.  “Bingo,” she teased.

“Mom?” he asked again.

“Technically you’re Mom,” she said.  “Or I am.  Either way”—she grabbed at her crotch—“I’ve got a cock now.”

Trent couldn’t believe what was happening.  He didn’t need his hands free to realize he was suddenly in possession of a big pair of tits.

“Quite the bind you’ve got yourself in,” his Mom said.  She made a disappointed face.  “Handcuffing an older woman …”

“You wouldn’t listen!” Trent cried, but the argument sounded less convincing in his mother’s voice.

You wouldn’t listen,” she corrected.  “It’s a rollover this week!”

She put her back against the billboard and took a deep breath.  There was something cathartic to her about being in the body of her son.  It was the last bastion of his privacy that she had never quite managed to intrude upon.

“So, this is what it’s like,” she breathed.

“What what’s like?”

“To be a man,” she said.  “To have this … power.”

She looked down at Trent who sat in her body.

“There’s so many new things I can do,” she said.

Trent hadn’t even begun to think about the possibilities.  He was far too concerned with how utterly surreal the whole situation was and how he was going to get out of his cuffs.

“This is a … magic billboard?” he cried, looking up at it.

“I guess,” his Mom said.  She put her hands on her hips and posed in the police-uniform.  “Maybe I can investigate.  That’s what you guys do, isn’t it?  When you’re not harassing innocent women.”

“You were speeding!” Trent cried.  “You were far from innocent.  You were guilty-as-hell.”

“Oh honey, give it a rest.  You’re not in the force now.”

Carla was right.  Trent was far from the force.  He was a forty-three-year-old woman, handcuffed to a billboard out in the middle of nowhere.

“Uncuff me, Mom,” he said.  It sounded strange to hear that in his Mom’s voice.

“Oh, now I should be uncuffed?”

“But now it’s me!”

“I’m you,” Carla said, tying the both of them in knots.  “I’m free.  I can do whatever I want.”

“Something has happened here, Mom, and we don’t know what.  Let’s find out together.”

“There’s plenty more I want to discover first,” Carla said.  She looked down her son’s pressed blue shirt.  She took out his sunglasses and put them on, smiling to Trent.

He watched his mother as she started to move her hands over the shirt that used to belong to him.

“You still need me to iron this I see,” she said, brushing over a crease.

“I can take care of myself.”

“Doesn’t look like it,” Carla said, laughing.  “Doesn’t look like you can do much of anything at the minute.”

“The keys are in your right pocket,” Trent said.  “Uncuff me and we can work out what the hell has happened.”

“Pretty clear, isn’t it?  I’m in your body.  What’s left to discover?”  Carla’s expression lit up.  “Apart from …”

Her hand moved down her body and over her belt-buckle.  Trent watched as his Mom started to touch him below the waist.

“Mom!” he cried, listening to his mother’s wail leave him.

“What?  It’s mine now.  Touch my body all you want too,” she said.  “Oh yeah, you’re handcuffed.  You can’t.”

She started to laugh.  The smile was soon replaced with a hiss of breath and a look of excitement.  She stroked along the growing barrel of flesh as Trent watched.  It was the strangest torment he’d ever known, but he couldn’t confidently say he didn’t enjoy it.

“The keys, Mom!” Trent tried.

There was no shaking Carla.  She was rubbing back and forth along the now bolt-stiff packet of her son, and she didn’t even see anything wrong with it.

“We have to get acquainted with our new bodies,” she said.

“How can I?!”

Carla ignored him for the moment.  Instead, she unfastened her belt-buckle.  “It’s been years since I’ve seen this,” she said.

“Mom!” Trent tried again.

“Let me have my fun,” she replied.

She reached down into her pants and felt her son’s coarse hair.  Trent swallowed and for the first time he realized he had a pussy.  He realized because it had started to turn damp.

“I’ll take good care of it,” his Mom said.

Trent watched her expression turn serene.  Her eyes were closed and she stared away, focusing on the touch that she felt beneath her boxer-shorts.

His Mom moved his hand back and forth, stroking along the thick barrel of flesh.  “That feels good,” she moaned.  “I can see why you guys do it so much.”

Carla swallowed and let out a whimper.  Trent’s new pussy turned even wetter.  He didn’t ever think that he’d find this kind of scenario exciting, but the more his mother explored Trent’s old body the more Trent realized that he was just as naughty as her.

“Gosh, it’s making me want to pull it out,” his Mom said.  Trent never said ‘gosh.’

“That wouldn’t be right, would it?” Trent said.  It was a genuine question.

“It’s mine now, Trent.”

He swallowed.  His hands sat in prayer, cuffed to the metal railing in front of him.  He couldn’t stop his mother if he wanted to—and he didn’t want to.

She reached down into his suit pants and then pulled his cock up and out.  She jerked it and marveled.  Trent watched himself discover his cock for the first time all over again.

He’d never had this view of himself before or watched himself masturbate like that.  He found himself becoming even wetter.  The fact that he couldn’t touch his new body in the same way was driving him wild.

“Fuck, it’s so hard,” his Mom said.  She looked at her old body.  “I’d be getting so fucking wet now if I was in your position.

Trent swallowed.  “I am.”

“Really?” his Mom asked.

She advanced on him with her hard cock still out.  She bent down and popped the button of the jeans she used to wear that now belonged to Trent.

“Mom!” Trent said.

“What?  It’s my body!”

“How many bodies do you have here?!”

“Oh, be quiet,” she said.  “I can tell from the look on your face—my face—that you’re loving this just as much as I am.”

Trent was silenced.  His mother was right.  She knew him better than he knew himself.

He watched his cock swing out from his pants and thought it weird that it was no longer attached to him.

Meanwhile his Mom fished into his tight jeans.  She felt her kempt fur and moved further, pushing down over Trent’s folds.

He closed his eyes and his shoulders bounced with excitement.  His Mom found his wetness easily.

“See!” she said.

She pulled her fingers out from Trent’s panties and showed him the glister on their tips.  She pushed it forwards and Trent opened his mouth.

“Good boy,” his Mom said, feeding her son’s fingers back to herself.

Trent tasted his mother’s juices—his juices on his fingers.  When his eyes opened the two of them were looking at each other much differently to before.

“What do you say?” his Mom said, jerking her new cock slowly.  “Be fun to explore, wouldn’t it?”

“That’s the first thing on your mind?”

She shrugged.  “I’m a guy now, aren’t I?  Isn’t that all you think about?”

Trent couldn’t even object.  He was thinking about sex right at that exact moment.  If anything, he’d proven his Mom correct.

“On your knees,” Carla said, looking at herself in cuffs.

Trent looked beneath him.  “I can barely even—”

“On your knees,” she reiterated, feeling the power.  “I’m a police-officer now.”

Trent was a stickler for authority and now he was subject to it.  Besides, he wanted to see what his Mom was going to do.

He knelt to the floor, his jeans still open.  His hands stayed in place, stretched above him and bound.  He was able to twist his body in the direction of his Mom and look at her from behind his bicep.

“Good,” she said, and she walked forwards with her cock.  “Open your mouth.”

Trent didn’t even balk.  He opened his mouth wide, suddenly eager for his first taste of cock.  It wasn’t gay if he was a woman while he sucked it … right?  Trent was happy to make the bargain with himself.

“Good girl,” his Mom said now, trying out the words.  “Feels good to have this kind of power.”

Trent knew it all too well, but he’d never abused it to this extent.

He looked down his nose and watched as his cock approached.  Precisely two women had had this view before.

“That’s it,” his Mom said, holding the base of the cock carefully.  It was all so new to her.  She watched her pretty lips open and she steered the cock forwards, as though she were feeding it to herself and not her son.

Trent felt the tip of his own cock push through his new lips.  It was so surreal but he found the submissive nature of it all a turn-on beyond words.  On his knees in handcuffs like that, being force-fed a cock … it was heaven.

He let his Mom slide it all the way to the back of his throat.  Trent soon discovered she was without a gag-reflex.  His eyes bulged in surprise as his throat spread over the tip too.

“You like that?” his Mom asked, looking down at herself.

She pulled her cock back and Trent spluttered.  He wiped his face against his upstretched arm.

“You can do that?!” he cried.  His Mom heard the pleasure in her old voice.

She nodded.  “Wanna do it again?”

Trent nodded back.

A car rushed by suddenly just as Carla was pushing her cock into her son’s new mouth.  She looked down at Trent who knew from the noise that the car had been speeding.

“I can ignore it,” he said.  “I don’t have much choice.”

Had one of the passengers turned back they’d have seen a uniformed police-officer face-fucking his handcuffed subject, but that told only a morsel of the true story.

Trent closed his eyes and focused on the ridges and ripples of his cock as it pushed deep.  The strength of his mother’s arousal was evident.  It felt like he was sucking on hard granite.

“On your feet,” Carla said suddenly, enjoying her new dominant role.

Trent blinked sharply, startled by the sudden instruction.  He’d been dreamily sucking on his own cock only moments prior and the change of pace was a shock.

He fought his way back up to his feet and then felt the heavy-handed touch of his normally-delicate mother at his waist.

“Let’s get these down,” she said with his voice.

Trent pushed out his ass to make it easier.  He didn’t want to struggle.  He wanted it as easy as he could get it.  He’d never been penetrated before in his life and the mere idea of it was turning his new pussy into a soaked mess of juices.

His Mom dragged down the jeans she had donned only an hour or so earlier, revealing her big, naked ass.  She rubbed it and wondered if perhaps she should eat fewer cakes at bingo.

“You are wet,” she said, tickling at her folds and finding them drenched.

“I don’t know what’s come over me,” Trent said.

“It might just come in you,” Carla teased.

She stroked her pussy, looking at the expressions that Trent gave her old face.  His eyes closed and his brows waggled as he focused on the sensations.  She knew just how she liked it and Trent was the welcome beneficiary.

“I know that feels good,” she said in Trent’s voice.  She put her face close and kissed at his cheek.

He let out a joyous groan that was self-perpetuating in its nature.  It was the sound of pure arousal, but as Trent heard it rebound back off the billboard it turned him on even more.  It was the sound of his mother enjoying herself, and he’d never heard that before.

“Good girl,” she said.  Trent felt a pang of delightful humiliation whenever she addressed him like that.

Carla sunk her fingers deep, feeling the wetness of her sex around them.  Trent groaned as she pushed them back and forth, then she dragged them back out and quickly moved them to Trent’s mouth.

She watched as her son sucked on them as her.  He licked along her fingers and cleansed her of the sinful fluid.

“There’s a good girl,” she said again.

Carla took a grip of her cock and moved behind her son.  He looked back over his shoulder and watched himself approach.  It was so surreal.  He was about to be fucked by himself only it wasn’t quite himself.

Carla spread the tip of her cock back and forth along the juiced-up folds of her pussy.  She could feel the hot cream cover the tip of her cock.  She brought it back away and looked at it.  Trent was big alright.

“This is gonna feel so good,” she said.  “For both of us.”

“Fuck me, Mom,” Trent said.

“Fuck me, Trent,” she corrected.

“Fuck me Trent,” Trent said, looking back at himself.

His Mom smirked.  “Good girl.”

Trent gushed as he heard the words again, but that soon turned to a joyous wail that traveled along the brush and rebounded off the nearby rocks.

Carla pushed her cock deep and bathed in the juices that were deep in her old pussy.  Trent felt the joy of penetration for the first time.  His eyes rolled back in his skull and he floated upwards.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” Carla grunted, and she rained a slap down on her big old ass.

Trent shrieked and Carla delighted in the wobbling of flesh.  Maybe she should eat more cakes at bingo, she reasoned.

She took two fistfuls of her old butt and rode it, bucking Trent forwards and fucking him hard.  It took her a moment to capture the thrusting that came so readily for guys.  Her rhythm was a little off, but Trent wasn’t picky.  He wanted to be fucked any way that he could.

He arched his back and pushed against his Mom’s advances.  He could hear the smacking of his old hips against his new ass.

He looked back and caught his Mom’s gaze.  He watched himself nod, as though his Mom was telling him that it was okay to enjoy himself.

Trent tugged at his bindings, finding extra pleasure in the fact that he couldn’t use his hands.  Carla enjoyed the dynamic too.  She was free to explore … free to dominate.

“I’m gonna come inside you too,” she said.  “I want to know what that’s like.”

“Should we do that?” Trent asked, but he too was curious.  How did it feel to have a cock pump inside you like that?

“We’re going to do that,” Carla asserted.

Trent tried not to smile.  “Okay.”

Now Carla put her body over Trent and pushed down on his ass.  He took a portion of her weight and then felt her hands comes around to his breasts.

Carla squeezed at her tits and pumped herself through her tight, wet snatch.  The muscle sprang over her cock again and again, guiding her towards the inevitable climax.

Trent himself knew that he was no tantric performer.  His previous conquests lasted no longer than ten minutes.  Carla was experiencing the sensations so intensely that she wondered if she’d even last that long.

Trent swallowed and then found himself trembling.  His whole body quivered, but he felt it most in his thighs.  They shook around his pussy.  He started to take sharp breaths and hold them.  When he exhaled he’d hear his mother’s heady cries leave his lungs before he took several breaths and held them again.

“You’re going to come too,” Carla said knowingly.  “Surrender to it.  Surrender to your cock as it fucks you.”

As the words struck his eardrum Trent spasmed.  His tits shook against his Mom’s new hands.  She pinched his stiff nipples and then the joy burst out of Trent completely.

“Mommy!” he whined.

Carla could feel the clench of Trent’s  pussy around her new cock.  It gripped tight, but she had no plans of vacating.  She doubled her efforts and pumped harder.  She noticed that her balls no longer swung beneath her.  They’d pulled up close to the base of her shaft, sometimes slipping within her and being expelled by the thrust of her hips against Trent’s big ass.

“I’m coming!” Trent wailed.

“I’m gonna fucking join you,” Carla said, and Trent heard himself sound more serious than he ever had before.

Carla stood upright and bucked fast, slapping her big ass again and again until it turned a crimson red.  Trent shrieked with delight at each spank, feeling the heat arrive.  Soon there would be another hot sensation.

“Oh, Trent,” his Mom groaned.  “Trent.  Take my cum and be a good girl!”

“Yes!” Trent cried.  “Come inside me!”

He looked back in desperation, just as the flash of euphoria arrived on his old face.  His Mom smiled off into the middle-distance as the ecstasy washed through her.

“Honey!” she cried, and then she pushed forwards one last time.

Trent felt the spasm inside him.  Carla felt the cum rush up her cock.  It blasted from the tip and warmed Trent’s new insides.  He felt his pussy turn hot and creamy.

Carla pushed back and forth slowly, gradually moving her son’s cock through the new slippery texture.  The cum embraced her, holding her like a warm hug that she didn’t want to break from.

“All of it,” Trent said, knowing that he had a lot to give.  “I want it all.”

By now the handcuffs had made a red ring around his wrists, but he didn’t care.  He’d have cut his fucking arm off for this if he had to.

Carla slid her cock back and forth slowly and Trent’s tight pussy squeezed the cum from her, right to the last drop.

Finally, she pulled out, releasing the cock that plugged Trent’s pussy.  A quick string of cum dropped to the floor and pattered in the sand.

“Fuck!” Carla cried.  “That was fucking hot.”

She staggered backwards and looked at her creamy former pussy.  The cum streamed out slowly.  Trent wanted nothing more than to touch it.

Carla put her fingers back inside the puss, stroking at the juices and coating the digits.

“Open your mouth,” she said to Trent.

He did.  She watched her face with Trent’s eager expression upon it.  Feed me, it said.

She planted the fingers in his mouth and Trent sucked and hummed.  It was his own cum, but he didn’t care.  It felt so good to be fed it like that.

“Good girl,” his Mom said.

Trent’s shoulders rocked again as the chill of delight rippled down his spine.

“I guess we can take these off now,” Carla said, tugging on the chain between each handcuff.

She reached into her pocket for the key and unclasped it.  Trent stood upright, turned and fell back against the billboard.

“That was something else,” he said.

“You can say that again,” his Mom said.

Trent stayed in place and watched his old body walk forward.  His Mom gripped at his face and then planted a kiss on him.  Trent could get used to this reversal of dominance.

Carla tasted the cum in her mouth.  She moved her new tongue against her old one, feeling the slippery texture between the writhing muscles.

“Now let’s try and work out what the fuck happened,” Trent said, looking up over his shoulder at the huge billboard.

“You’re the police-officer,” Carla said.

“I am when it suits you, huh?”

Trent pulled up his Mom’s jeans and covered his cum-filled pussy.  He could feel the spunk bleed into his panties, trapping the rest within himself.

“After you, officer,” Carla said, and she put her spent cock away.  “Let’s crack this case.”



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Kimmy Welsh

Tori Westwood

I write those dirty, taboo, incest stories that you have to read in secret.  The kind that get you hot and weak at the knees.  They're wrong, but oh-so right!
I enjoy writing them as much as you enjoy reading them, and I think that comes across in my descriptive, explicit style.
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Happy reading! 😉


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