Naughty Taboo Forty 6 : 40 Stories

by Betsi Ality, Millie King, Kimmy Welsh, Tori Westwood

'Naughty Taboo Forty' features 40 stories and 189,000 words of the naughtiest erotica on the planet.  Including Dirty Daddies, Sinful Mothers, Bratty Virgin Daughters, Brother Sister Incest, Innocent Randy Sons, Incestual Bodyswaps, Bestiality as well as a heavy dollop of threesomes, anal and breeding thrown in for good measure.  First-time virgins, messy creampies, family sex and bestiality at a fantastic saving — this collection has it all!

The naughty stories in the Taboo Mega 40-Packs are not duplicated in the other 40-Packs.

Featuring –  

  1. Putting My Sleeping Daddy In My Mouth
  2. Clean-Up In The Dairy Aisle
  3. Ice-Cream Fundae
  4. Sin On Splash Canyon
  5. Sexorcism
  6. Lacto-Park
  7. Daddy’s Secret Milking Rack
  8. Daddy’s Secret Milking Rack 2
  9. F’ing My Son & His Dad
  10. Mommy Daddy Daughter Art Class
  11. Greased
  12. Family Sex Ed
  13. I Caught My Son & Daughter Masturbating
  14. VR-Sex With My Son And Husband
  15. Downward Facing Doggy-Style
  16. Son Becomes Mom
  17. Reflections Of Sin
  18. Mom For A Night
  19. The Female Form
  20. Foreign Bodies
  21. The Changing Room
  22. A Change Of Scenery
  23. Daddy Becomes Maddie
  24. The Night Of Daddy’s Life
  25. In His Daughter’s World
  26. Tight Of Passage
  27. Swallowed Whole
  28. The Love Tent
  29. The V.R Switch-Up
  30. A Close Shave
  31. Check-Mating
  32. Ass-F’d By My Dad In Mom’s Bed
  33. The Power Of Ass-F’ing
  34. The Pit In My Stomach
  35. Truffle F
  36. Hard Dog
  37. F’ing The Dog Back-Stage
  38. Bukkake Races
  39. Doggy-Style Training
  40. The Whore Rooms

Putting My Sleeping Daddy In My Mouth – And Then My Ass! : Ass-Fucked Daughters 24

It was another fruitless night out with the girls.  For months now I’d been trying to snare a guy to take me back to his and take my virginity, but so far I hadn’t found the right guy.  Maybe the bars of Grand Rapids aren’t the place I should be looking.

I came through the doors a little after midnight.  I was always deathly quiet for fear of waking Daddy, but I notice that the living-room light is on.  He was still awake so I thought I’d go in and see him before heading upstairs.

I open the door and I’m about to say hello, but the television takes my attention immediately.  On it was a woman getting her ass drilled fiercely.  Her groans and moans filled the room with a heady mixture of pained yelps and heady cries.


I was dumbstruck.  I stared as her ass took that powerful, veiny cock again and again.  I found myself immediately smitten by the idea, but I hadn’t even lost my v-plates yet.

It was then that I finally looked to Daddy.  His chin was on his fist and he was reclined so far in the chair that he was almost horizontal.  He looked so peaceful, sleeping there like that, but when I looked further down the angelic image was tarnished.

His pants were open and protruding through the zipper was his huge cock.  It was still as stiff-as-a-board so I thought maybe he’d only just nodded-off.  I tried to look away, but couldn’t.

Should I wake him?  No, that would be crazy!

Instead my eyes switched between the crazy anal show on the television, Daddy’s serene face and his amazing-looking cock.  It was so surreal to see that same face that I’d always known, but then to see his powerful prowess at the same time.  It just didn’t make sense to me, especially because Mom was asleep upstairs.

“Daddy,” I whispered.  Shit, what was I doing?

I took a step into the room and felt my heart pound.  The adrenaline was bursting through me so fast that my knees started to feel weak.  It was do-or-die, and I didn’t much feel like dying yet.

“Daddy,” I whispered again.

God, his cock looked good.  This was the closest I’d ever been to an erect one.  It looked like it had seen its fair share of action, but then Daddy was in his forties.

I put down my handbag and waved my hands in front of his face.  My bracelet rattled, but Daddy didn’t move.  He kept that same, peaceful demeanor, and his cock kept that same, delightful stiffness.

I don’t even know what I was thinking, but I decided the best thing to do was to put him back in his pants, change the television channel and then wake him up.  If he woke up later with his cock out and me asleep upstairs he’d know that I’d seen him.  If I could zip him back up he’d think he put himself away before he dozed off.

“Daddy?” I hushed again, but with my words barely even registering over the raucous television I was unlikely to wake him.

“Okay.  Let’s do this.”

I knelt to the floor and my little, black dress rode up my bare thighs.  I’d worn my black high-heels and red lipstick too in the hope of attracting the most amount of guys possible, but I’d only seemed to attract assholes.

The whole time I was asking myself what the hell I was doing, but the voice in my head wasn’t being heard by my arms.  They moved almost independently of me, drawn towards Daddy’s hard cock.

“I’ll just slip it back inside …” I told myself.

I took a hold of him and felt the strength and power of it against my fingers as I tried to move him.  It couldn’t be done with just my fingers alone so instead I gripped him in my fist and tried to maneuver his pants around the protrusion.

But they barely even covered it!  How they hell did Daddy manage when he got an erection?!  His pants didn’t feel like they held enough material to hide his modesty.

I looked to the television again and started to daydream as I watched the screen.  I started to think about how it might feel to have a cock in my ass like that.  From the wails of the girl on the television it must have been amazing, but getting fucked in the ass before losing my virginity felt like one of the rarest things on earth.  I’d be joining—or starting—a unique club for sure.

Suddenly I heard a groan from Daddy and I startled.  I looked quickly back to his face and it was then that I realized that I’d been steadily jerking his cock while I looked at the sinful images on the screen.  He seemed to enjoy it.

“Put me in your mouth,” he said.

I froze.  Shit.  Was he awake?!

“D—daddy?” I tried.

“Put me in your mouth, Hazel.”

Holy shit!  Not only was he awake, but he was telling me to suck his cock.  Shit, it was hard to refuse.  I was already jerking him off.  To turn him down now wouldn’t make sense, but it was my Daddy’s cock.

“Are you awake?” I hushed.

“I’ve been awake this whole time,” Daddy said, and his eyes finally opened.  There was a naughty grin on his face that I’d have mirrored if I wasn’t so shocked.

“You—you knew I’d be home?”

“I did,” he said, “but I never imagined you walking all the way into the room like this.”

“How could I not?!”

Daddy looked over my shoulder at the television.  “You like it?”

“I—I’ve never—”

Just then the guy on the screen pulled his cock from his co-star and shot his cum all over her ass.

“Damn,” I hushed.  “That’s a lot of cum.”

“You think?” Daddy asked, and it made me think that he was capable of more.

I looked back to Daddy.  I could feel the beat of his pulse in his shaft as I held it.   I wondered if I should let him go.

“You don’t have to stop,” he said, as though he could hear my thoughts.

“But I should, shouldn’t I?”

“Why do you say that?”

“You—you’re my Daddy!  Daughters don’t do this with their Daddy.”

“Sure they do?”

“They do?”

“Well, you are, aren’t you?  Which means that they must, right?”

“It’s not right though, is it?”

“How does it feel?”

I stopped to think.  “It feels … good.”

“So why stop?”

I shuffled on my knees.

“You look good tonight,” Daddy said.  “You look good every night.”

I flushed red with embarrassment.  “You really think so?”

“I’ve been waiting for you to bring a guy back since you turned eighteen, but in fifteen months I haven’t had the chance to frighten anyone!”

I giggled and gripped Daddy’s cock tighter.  I started to jerk him as I spoke.

“I just haven’t found a guy I like.”

“What sort of guy are you looking for?”

“Someone confident and mature and good-looking and”—Daddy let out a groan of pleasure—“Someone like you.”

He looked down at me as I sat at his feet like a willing servant.

“Well you’ve got me,” he said.   “Now what are you gonna do?”

“I know what I wanna do,” I said, and I looked back to the television.  The same guy who’d just came was busy sticking his cock back in the woman’s cum-drenched ass.

“So do it,” Daddy said.  “Do whatever you want.  This is a free-pass.  We wake up tomorrow and we don’t speak a word about what we did—unless you want to.”

“You’d let me do anything?”


My eyes sparkled.

“I don’t know where to start,” I giggled, pulling his cock excitedly.

“You can start with your mouth.”

My pupils fattened as I stared at him.  “Tell me,” I said.  “Tell me what to do.”

Daddy stared straight at me and gave me my first order.  “Suck my cock.”

I was tense with excitement but his words felt like a starter-pistol.  The second he’d finished speaking I lunged forwards in compliance.  It was as though he’d asked me to fetch a glass of water or turn my television down.  I just did it without thinking.

In an instant my lips had pressed over the top of his cock and I was trying to force as much of him into my mouth as I could manage.  I’d never even sucked a cock before, but I’d seen other people do it.

“Yes, Hazel,” he groaned.

He held my face with both of his hands, pushing up from his waist and forcing more of his cock into me.

I felt him right at the back of my throat, but I knew from the films I’d seen that a blowjob didn’t have to end there.  Instead I pushed over him, squeezing my tight throat over him until all of his inches were inside me.

“Fuck,” Daddy groaned, looking down.  “Fuck!  I didn’t know you could do that?”

I pulled back away from him and gasped off his cock with spit dripping from my mouth.  “Neither did I!”

“Do it again,” he said.  “Deep-throat my cock.”

I pushed over the spit-glossed crown again and drove him into my throat.  This time I rocked over him, feeling his swelling burst through into my neck over and over.

“Oh, Hazel, that’s fucking incredible.”

I’d never been able to please Daddy like this before.  He seemed overjoyed, and the more appreciative he became the more desperately I tried to please him further.

“I’ll do anything,” I told him, gasping and wiping at my mouth.  “Anything you tell me to, Daddy.  Treat me like the whore on the television.”

Daddy looked to the screen.  The woman was now cleansing the freshly erupted cock of its cum, and she didn’t seem to care that it had just been buried in her ass.

“You want to be like her?” Daddy asked.

I nodded.  “I want to be your slut.”

“I hope you don’t regret that.”

Daddy grabbed my head and put me back on his cock.  He pushed everything into me until I could feel his hair on my top lip.  I gagged and tightened around his cock, but Daddy didn’t let up.  I could barely breathe.  My face turned red and my eyes bulged.  I felt my clit stiffen as my head turned light, then finally Daddy pulled back.

I gasped loudly, and let looked to Daddy.  My eyes were streaming and my mascara had started to run, but Daddy didn’t care.  He looked more turned-on than ever.

“Take off my pants,” he said.

I helped Daddy out of them until he was naked from the waist down.  He stood up and took a grip of my hair as I stayed on my knees.  I yelped as I felt him pull at my scalp.  I turned quickly and followed him so as not to feel the pressure of his grip on my hair.

He dragged me to the middle of the room and then yanked the front of my dress.  The shoulder-straps ripped and I was exposed in an instant.  I hadn’t worn a bra and my naked little tits were on display.  Daddy stared at them and let out a groan.

“They’re Daddy’s tits,” he said.

“They’re your tits, Daddy,” I repeated.

He knelt in front of me and pushed my body back.  His lips clasped over my nipples and his stubble grazed my tits.  He sucked and I felt the blood rush to my nipples.

“Yes!” I groaned.

Daddy moved between each breast with ravenous intensity.  He sucked each nipple stiff, squeezing them with his big hands afterwards.  I’d never known him so turned-on and rough.

“You’re making me wanna do something crazy,” I whined.

“How crazy can we get?”

“I’m a virgin, Daddy,” I confessed.

He stopped moving so erratically and stared while he processed the sentence.

“I’m a virgin, but what I want most of all is you.  I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

“You do, huh?”

“More than anything,” I told him.  “But I want to save my pussy for someone else.  Is that okay?”

“As long as I get to be the first in your ass.”

“I want you to be,” I said.  “I want to feel you burst through my asshole, just like the girl on the television.”

What I didn’t realize at the time was that the woman on the television had probably had hundreds of cocks in her asshole before.  She’d made it look so easy.

“Stand up,” Daddy said, and like a good little slut I did what he told me.

Now it was Daddy’s turn to kneel at my feet, but he didn’t cede any control.  He kept on manhandling me, just like I wanted.

He held my hips and looked ahead at my skirt.  It pulled tight across the divide between each thigh and Daddy stared beyond it.

He spun me on the spot and then thrust back my skirt, exposing my ass.  I wore a tiny pair of panties that my ass-cheeks had swallowed up.  Daddy slapped my bare cheeks and gave each of them a firm grip.

“You want me in here?” he said.

“More than anything!”

“Bend over.”

I did as he said and pushed my ass out towards his face.  I took a look back at him but I couldn’t see him.  My ass was in the way.

“That looks good enough to ruin,” he hushed.

He rubbed softly at my butt and then I felt his gentle kiss on the mound of pussy that lay obscured beneath the crotch of my panties.

His mouth left me but his tongue remained.  It slid up over the fabric and towards my ass.  I felt him tickle close to my hole, but my panties stopped him from getting at it for real.

“We don’t need these,” Daddy said.

He reached under my skirt and grabbed the waist of the dainty garment.  Daddy pulled hard again and I heard them rip beneath my dress.  He snatched them right off my legs and tossed them to the floor like they were nothing.

I stared forward and closed my eyes, hoping that my tight little dot of an asshole passed whatever tests Daddy had set out for it.

“Look at that,” he hushed.

I squeezed at my bare tits as they hung below me, waiting to see what Daddy was about to do.  His hand squeezed at my ass and rubbed it hard, then he moved the cheeks aside.

“That’s where you want me, huh?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I whimpered.  My jaw rattled with excitement as I felt his breath against my naughtiest spot.

“You want Daddy in here?”

He pressed his tongue against my asshole.  The muscle was tight and unrelenting, but the sensation of his wet muscle against me made me swell with giddy excitement.

“Yes!” I burst.

I groaned forwards as Daddy started to tease my ass.  His tongue pressed against me and swirled around the sensitive outside.  He started to thumb at my clit as he licked me and every so often his tongue would move down and tease my soaked, virginal pussy.

“You want Daddy in your ass?” he kept asking.

“I do, Daddy! I want you to burst through my fucking tight asshole.”

“I didn’t know you were so naughty.”

Shit, neither did I.  The sinful words that poured from my mouth made it sound like I was channeling the dirty slut on the television.

“We need to get you nice and ready,” Daddy said.  He pressed his tongue into my asshole and spread me wider, then he thrust his finger into me without warning.

I yelped as I felt that alien feeling.  I’d never known anything like it.  It was one thing to toy gently with my ass when I was masturbating, but to have Daddy rotating his finger inside me was a different thing entirely.  I was at his mercy, and Daddy wasn’t feeling very merciful.

“We need to get this open much wider,” he said, and he pressed another finger into me.

I groaned as my muscle gripped tight around the intruders.  Fuck, it was painful, but if I was going to fulfill the dream of having Daddy’s cock in there then I couldn’t balk at a finger-or-two.

He started to give it to me, fucking my ass with his fingers and licking around the muscle as he did so.

My hand moved down to my pussy and I started to circle my clit in a bid to relax myself.  The comfort of playing with myself mingled with the debauched discomfort of Daddy’s finger in the wrong spot.  It was a heady mix of sensations, but it was about to get crazier.

“Tell me to put it in your ass,” Daddy said.

I looked back to see him jerking his hard cock as he finger-fucked me.  My moans burst from my lungs, mimicking the pained arousal of the porn-star that I’d been introduced to when I walked in the room.  Life imitates art.

“Fuck my ass,” I cried.

“Tell me to fuck your ass.”

“Fuck my ass, Daddy!”

He yanked his fingers free and stood up.  In a second his hard cock was at my ass, pressing against the muscle and daring to venture to a place where it had no business being.

My muscle spread slowly.  I closed my eyes tight and tried not to scream.  Eventually the noise left me in a blare of aroused pain.  It was a desperate grunt, but it wasn’t calling for him to stop.  It was begging him to continue in spite of the sensation.

“Stretch me!” I cried.

My muscle spread as Daddy pushed it to the limit.  It gasped open over the head of his cock and swallowed over it.  I knew immediately that he was inside me.

“Oh, Hazel,” he said, rubbing my ass softly.  “I’m in your ass.”

From here Daddy pushed forwards slowly and I felt myself engulf him.  I spun my finger on my clit and my pussy started to drool like it never had before.  It was as though his big cock was forcing out my cream—like my body knew that it desperately needed lubrication, but it was unable to lubricate the place where it was most necessary.

I rubbed my thick come back against my pussy and then stretched my fingers underneath me until they made a V around Daddy’s cock.  There was no mistaking it now.  I could feel the stiff barrel of him disappearing inside me.

“That’s such a good fucking view,” Daddy said.

I looked back over my shoulder at him.  He was staring down at my ass, watching the ring of muscle slide back over his cock as he advanced it.

By now I could feel him in the pit of my stomach.  He rolled through me, exciting my pussy from a new angle.  It was like being pleasured there without tarnishing my V-plates—as though we’d found a loop-hole.

“Fuck my ass, Daddy!” I cried again.  I almost felt comfortable with him in there now.  My muscle was relaxing around him, slowly relenting and accepting the fact that it couldn’t banish the intruder.

Daddy pushed onwards until he was all the way deep.  He gasped in surprise and stared down.

“You took it all.”

He made it sound like it wasn’t possible.  I felt like I’d achieved something.  I felt like I was some kind of anal-queen in waiting—a kind of Excalibur in reverse.  Daddy had plunged his sword into the rock and found the princess that he was looking for.

“Treat me like her,” I groaned, looking to the television.

By now there was a new model on screen, but she was no less willing than the last.  Her asshole was hungrily gobbling up a fresh cock.

“Bounce on me,” Daddy said.

He took himself out and I wondered if all of our hard-work was squandered.

Daddy went back to his chair and sat on it.  His cock stood proudly upright and Daddy held it at the base.

“Come sit on me.”

I mounted the chair, squatting over Daddy and feeling at my naughtiest.  He was looking up under my skirt at my pussy, but that was off-limits.

I curled a blonde lock of hair behind my ear and then started to drop towards his cock, hoping to take it in me all over again.

“What a view!” Daddy said.

He rubbed my pussy as I dropped towards him.  My pink nipples thrust out towards him, highlighting the intense horniness that gripped me like nothing ever had before.  It was taking over my movements like I was possessed.  The idea of squatting my ass down on Daddy’s hard cock was something that I wouldn’t have entertained before, but now anything seemed possible.

“Show me,” he said.  “Show me how you take me.  Be Daddy’s good girl.”

Shit, I didn’t wanna disappoint him.  I bent down towards him and felt the pressure of his swelling again.  It pushed against my ass and this time I swallowed him up even easier.

“Yes!” he burst.

He pushed his head back into the cushion and let out a groan of pleasure.  I watched his face as he enjoyed himself.  I wanted to witness what I could do to him.  I wanted to see the pleasure that I gave him.

“You like my tight asshole around your cock?”

“I fucking love it,” Daddy growled.

He brought his head back and stared right into my eyes.  Making eye-contact with him like that felt hot, especially when I went on to look beneath me and see his cock disappear up inside me.

“Bounce on my fucking cock.”

I wriggled down on him and took everything he had to offer.  My pussy drooled, but this time it fell under me and coated Daddy’s length when he withdrew.

As I sank on him it pushed the cream of my pussy up into my ass until it lubricated the act.  Soon his cock was running through me with less friction and it started to feel incredible.  I began to realize the wonders that anal sex held.

Daddy breezed through my ass and I felt every inch of him.  His ridged cock tickled and delighted me and I felt the pleasure mount.

“You’re gonna make me come,” I told him.

“Keep going,” Daddy ordered.  “Keep going and come on my cock.”

I bounced hard, dropping and feeling the full force of him slam deep.  My pussy wept and I cried out in euphoria.  Eventually my sex spasmed and the ecstasy blossomed.

I sat all the way down on him and squirmed in delight.  Daddy lent forward and kissed my lips.  I fell against him and kissed at his face, bouncing gently as the orgasm flowed out of me.

My pussy dribbled intensely and my cum ran down and washed over Daddy’s balls.  I reached beneath and squeezed them hard, massaging them before I started bouncing again.

“Get Daddy’s cum now,” he said.  “Make Daddy come.”

“I want it in my fucking ass,” I told him.

“That’s where it’s going baby.”

“You gonna come in my ass?”

“Yes, Hazel, honey.”

“Oh, come in my fucking ass!”

I picked up the pace again, channeling my inner-slut and letting her loose.

The muscle of my ass sprang over him.  I jerked him through it, gripping tight to the whole of his cock as I bounced up.  I ran my ass from the tip all the way to the hilt.  I could feel him swell and stiffen to something impossible, like his cock was suddenly carved from rock.

“You’re so hard, Daddy.”

“I’m gonna come soon,” he strained.

“That’s what I want.  I want it inside me, Daddy.  Is that okay?”

“It’s okay,” he hushed breathlessly.  “It’s okay, but you have to tell Daddy when, okay?”

“You want me to tell you to come.”


Daddy’s pleasure was apparent.  He could barely breathe, much-less talk coherently.  The wails and groans left him like nothing I’d ever known.  He was making noises that I’d never heard him make before, and it was all because of me and my virginal asshole.

“Hazel!” he strained.  He stretched out his legs.  His whole body looked tense, as though he was a coiled spring.

“Come in my fucking asshole, Daddy!” I cried.

It must have been the perfect concoction of words.  The second it left my lips Daddy met it with a guttural groan.  It leapt from the depths of his stomach and filled the family living-room.

I heard a bang upstairs and wondered if Mom had roused.  Despite the noise Daddy continued to moan.

“I’m fucking coming!” he cried, and I felt his warmth flood up into me.

“Oh, Daddy,” I cried, excited to share his passion.

I looked beneath me and bounced, then I saw the creamy fluid rush out from me and spread around the hilt of his cock in a white halo.

“Look at that,” I hushed.

I bounced my ass down over him and jerked every drop from him.  I took everything he had to offer inside me, not wanting to waste a drop.  Now his cock passed through me seamlessly, lubricated by his slipperiness.

Daddy closed his eyes as he lay there and I wondered if he’d drifted back off to sleep for real this time.  He seemed as though he was floating on cloud-nine.  He let out a  moan as I continued to pass over him slowly.

Eventually I lifted all the way up and Daddy hissed a breath through his teeth as my asshole popped him free.

His cock slapped back against him wetly.  I climbed down carefully off him and looked at what I’d done to him.

His dick was shrink-wrapped in a film of his cum.  It had never looked sexier.  Just like a model porn-star I crouched next to him again and curled a lock of hair behind my ear in preparation.

“I want to taste that,” I told him.

“Do it,” Daddy said.  “Taste my cum and taste your ass.”

He watched carefully as I put my lips over him.  He was like salt and toffee in one.  I drove my lips down him and swirled my tongue around him out of sight.

Daddy held my head carefully and watched me be naughty at his feet.  He stroked my face.  I opened my eyes and looked to him, then slowly I pulled my lips back off him with a pop.

He dropped back against his stomach and a dribble left my mouth.  I giggled and sucked it back into my mouth, wiping at my lips.

“Almost,” I laughed, then I swallowed down what I’d managed to suck off of him.

“You’re something else, Hazel,” he told me.

I got to my feet and wriggled my dress down over my ass.  I took a look to the television and saw another anal-star going at it.  Now it didn’t seem so impressive.

“Enjoy the rest of your film,” I told him.

Daddy pulled slowly on his cock and watched me slink from the room.  I could feel his warmth inside me and between my ass-cheeks.  It felt so fucking wrong and so fucking right at the same time.  I knew that if I never found the right guy there would always be Daddy as a reliable back-up; ready to claim me and satisfy me like I’m sure no man ever could.




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