Naughty Nooky With My Naked Niece


by Amber FoxxFire

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Sis got married and was going on her honeymoon. I convinced her to drop off her hot-to-trot, 18-year-old daughter, Alicia, for the weekend. I promised my large-breasted niece that unlike her parents, I’d treat her like an adult. Before the plane had taken off, she had stripped out of her clothes and was prancing around the house in her birthday suit.

This was going to be a hell of a weekend.


My sister's eighteen-year-old daughter, Alicia, was a stunner. She was tall, slender and had the most beautiful, piercing blue eyes that I've ever seen.

And for the first time in her adult life, she was going to be staying at my house. Her mother had just remarried and they were going on their honeymoon.

Even though I was 100% certain that Alicia could handle herself, I used all of my pull and sway to convince my sister that it would be better off if she stayed at my house.

Thankfully, she agreed.
"Ugh!" My hot-to-trot niece pranced into my house, threw her backpack down on the couch and plopped next to it, folding her arms under her delicious, ripe eighteen-year-old breasts.

"I don't know why mom doesn't trust me! It's not like I've never been alone before," she complained.

My cock throbbed and ached inside my pants as I smiled slowly and sat down next to her.


Alicia was wearing tight blue jeans and a very tight, see-through T-shirt. It was very obvious that she was stacked.

"Oh, I'm sure that they trust you, Alicia," I said as I held her to me. "It's just that sometimes adults get overprotective." I inhaled her sweet smelling, delicious light perfume and had to take deep breaths to control my savagely-beating heart. I've never been this close to my niece before – not since she'd grown up anyway.


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