Nail Em’ When They’re Sleepin’ 6 Pack

by Penelope Liksit

Doing mom on the train/Doing my daughter before the operation/Drugging and breeding my daughter/Revenge porn on my sleeping sister/Fucking my sleeping niece at the airport/Aliens made me have sleep sex with my daughter
Six incestuous tales of sleep sex at HALF the price you would have to pay for each individually!


Now I was up close, I could smell her perfume, I could hear the sound of her light snoring, I could see those motherly breasts rise and fall underneath her blouse. Oh I was already a thief being up this close, taking in the sights and smells of my mothers body, stealing her decency and dignity as she slept.

Was I going to steal it all while I was here? I looked around one last time. Nobody else was in the carriage and there was half an hour to the next stop. Fuck it, I was going to fuck my own mother while she slept!

I reached out and laid my hands on her breasts. Fuck that felt good, the feel of that firm flesh that was mom’s tits shot my already twitching cock to instant hardness, ready to burst through my jeans.


Mom snored away, totally unresponsive as I let my hands glide over the contours of her breasts, a groan escaped my lips as my fingers sank into her firmness. And she did not move a muscle. She might as well have been sleeping the sleep of the dead as I fondled and groped her with impunity.

I seized on her nipples and nipped those pink buds between my thumb and forefinger, savouring their growth as I rubbed them between my fingertips without her consent, and she continued to sleep like a baby.

Oh this was fucking fantastic. I could have groped these breast for the rest of the journey but there was so much more familial territory to explore.

I grabbed hold of mom by the legs and dragged her down so that she was lying on the seat, her legs hanging lifelessly over the edge. One arm hung over the front of the seat, while the other flopped across her chest. I lifted up that arm to check she was still near comatose-her limp wrist flopping to one side.

My already pounding heart was now positively hammering. The sights of that limp wrist along with her closed eyes were the sights of freedom-holes in the fence that surrounded the forbidden zone. I had no licence, I had no right to be here, I was breaking the law, but entering the forbidden zone was exciting as hell.



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