My Son’s Sinful Confessions : Mommy’s Creampies 11

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: My Son’s Sinful Confessions : Mommy’s Creampies 11
Part of the Mommy's Creampies series:

Never go snooping in your son’s room unless you want to find something you shouldn’t.  When I chance upon his journal my curiosity gets the best of me and I wind up reading several pages.  My eyes bulge as I see him detail the fantasies he has about me, and I can’t help but become excited by the idea.

Read as I confront him, daring him to fulfill his desires and empty a load inside me.


“Let’s be naughty, Bevan.”

I took the back of his head and brought him forward so that his face was between my breasts.  I held him there for a moment and felt his warm breath on me as I continued to grind steadily across his cock, teasing myself with the taboo meal to come.

“I want this,” I hushed.

Bevan brought his hands around me to hold my ass, squeezing me as I rocked on him and giving soft kisses to my chest.  I leaned away and looked down at him, then I moved a portion of my top aside so that one of my tits was staring him in the face, daring him to continue.

“Good boy,” I encouraged.

Bevan pulled his face back to study me for a second, staring at my nipple that hung there like bait to a fish.  Dutifully he wrapped his lips over me, sucking on the stud and causing me to let out a groan of approval.

“Oh, yes, honey!” I cried, holding him to me again.


Bevan circled his tongue around the stud as it stiffened in his mouth and I felt my pussy awaken with a flood of sudden wetness.

“Are you going to be Mommy’s good boy?” I asked.

“Anything for you, Mom.”

It was music to my ears.  I ripped back the other side of my top and Bevan’s hands came back around to my tits to squeeze the both of them together.  He stared at them lustfully as though he had sinful designs on them.

“What do you want to do, honey?” I asked.  “Tell me what you like.”

He stared up in to my eyes.  A sentence hung on his tongue but he seemed too shy to utter it.

“Go on,” I encouraged.

“I … I want to fuck your tits, Mom.”

My mouth opened in shock that quickly transformed into a smile and then a giggle.  “That’s all you had to say, honey.”

I took myself off him and helped him to his feet, putting my face close to his and staring down my nose at his lips.

“You want to fuck Mommy’s tits, huh?”

He nodded and I tried his lips with a quick kiss.  Bevan kissed me back deeper, pushing his tongue through and battling my own.

My hand moved to his hard cock and I pressed along it, then he started to unbutton his shirt.  I leaned back and pushed open the divide, smothering his muscled torso with my hands and delighting in the toned body that I’d only ever glanced at before now.

He took a grip of the bottom of my blouse and lifted it up over my head, dropping my tits out so that I stood topless before him.

He stooped and gave them another kiss and I giggled as he tickled my nipples with his pointed tongue again.

“Let’s get you out of those pants,” I said, pulling at the button.

It popped open and I slid down his zipper as the tempo rose.  If we stopped for more than a second it felt as though the whole scene would pull focus and we’d realize the gravity of our actions.  Instead I delved down into his pants to discover what lay inside.

Bevan’s jaw trembled as I touched him finally and I felt my pussy throb again as I embraced his arousal.  He felt thick in my hand and the urge to unleash him was suddenly stronger than ever.


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