My Son’s Perfume Gift Turned Me Bimbo : Desperate Mothers

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: My Son’s Perfume Gift Turned Me Bimbo : Desperate Mothers
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

It’s my birthday this year and my son is desperate to make me happy after the divorce. He tries to get me the same perfume that his dad used to buy me but winds up with a mystical scent the likes of which I’ve never experienced. Read as it turns me bimbo and I pounce on my son, taking both of his c-shots inside me!


After a minute-or-so of having Sam on my breasts I just couldn’t take it anymore.  His cock felt so hard in my fist that I knew he was turned-on as much as I was.

“I need you inside me,” I gasped, and I stood up on the mattress.

Sam quickly downed his pajamas until he was wearing nothing.  His cock stood proudly, waiting to be sat on, but as I hopped and bounced, removing my pants and panties, I had another sinful thought.

I’d never done anything as crass before in my life, but I guessed Sam wasn’t about to stop things now.  My panties came down and he spied my soaked pussy, thankfully kempt and shaven close.

“Did I do that?” he asked.

I nodded but said nothing else as I stood in front of him.  He stared straight at my pussy and then looked up at my face as it approached him.

I looked down over my tits to that beautiful face of his, then I pressed my soaked pussy right against him and let him taste me.


Sam tongued into my slit and took a taste.  It must have been good because not long afterwards his hands were round my big ass and pulling me onto him even more.

I stood over him, pushing my pussy forwards and mewling as he coaxed a climax right to the fore.  I could feel it dangling there like ripe fruit.  Sam knew no better than to carry on, but that was just what I needed.

His hands made fists in my ass and his tongue searched over me wildly.  He sucked at my charged clit, sending waves of tingling excitement rushing through me.  My scalp prickled just like it had when I’d first smelled that intoxicating odor.

“Yes!” I burst.  “Yes!”

I squeezed my tits together with my biceps and held Sam’s head, riding his face like he was a toy to be used.

Sam didn’t even flinch.  He just kept his tongue out and kept sucking at everything I fed him until I was trembling so much that the whole bed was shaking.

His moans were stifled by my wet flesh but mine were free to soar and bounce off the walls.  I could hear my own excitement echoing back at me.  I knew I was going to come.

“Yes!  Oh, honey, yes!”

I got to the edge, my body tense and wound.  The sensation built to a climax, and I finally exhaled and let go of all that energy.  It burst out of me in waves that Sam felt on his mouth.

“That’s it, ma,” he said against me, still tonguing.

My pussy fluttered on him, pulsing wildly as the explosion of excitement shot out of me.  The aftershocks were almost as big as a regular orgasm.  It was like a bomb had gone off inside me.

When I pulled off him finally there was string of my sticky cum that refused to pull free from his face.  It snapped off him eventually and Sam wiped at his maw, looking up with a smile.

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted,” I said dreamily, and I sat down slowly on him and gave him a long, deep kiss.

It was slow and sensual at first but soon my energy was returning.  I was ready for round two and I was ready for Sam’s cock.

I reached behind and jerked him as we kissed, delighting in how the movements of my hand affected how he kissed me.

“I’m gonna put you inside me now,” I said.

“Please,” Sam urged.

“Only fair.”


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