My Son’s Anal Fantasy Became Mine! : Anal Mothers 5

by Tori Westwood

The same naughty video keeps cropping up on my son Rory’s search history and I get curious.  I start to watch it each time it appears and soon Rory’s fantasy is becoming mine.  I can’t stop thinking about getting fucked in the ass, and fantasies are best shared, right?  I hear the start of the video coming from his room one night and I’m instantly primed to do it for the first time.  I want you in my asshole, Rory, and I don’t care if you’re my son!


“Come on,” I teased, “let me see.”

I moved my hand to open the laptop screen but he stopped me, slapping it down.

“What?” I asked.  “Getting all shy?”

I gave him a playful tickle that had always worked in the past and his body tensed with a spasm.  I took the opportunity to fling open his laptop, and immediately the video started playing again.

I watched a close-up of that thick, powerful cock slipping in and out of that tight ass, then the camera panned out to reveal the moaning face of the mature victim.

“Damn,” I hushed.

“Mom, I—”

“It’s okay, honey,” I said, placing a hand on his chest.  “Let me watch.”

Rory was unusually quiet, no doubt from a mix of disbelief, shock and embarrassment.

“Look at her take it,” I said.

“Mom,” Rory said, and I looked to him finally.  He looked down at my hand that had started to rub at his chest.


“You want it lower?” I teased, playfully moving my hand downwards all spider-like.

He flinched again and took a swipe at my hand and I started to giggle, then my focus returned quickly to the video.

“Watch this bit,” I said, tapping his chest eagerly.

The guy pulled his cock out of her hole and left it agape, showing it off to the camera before sinking himself back into the sinful abyss.

“My favorite part,” I said, hugging up closer to Rory.

“You—you’ve seen this before?”

I looked up at him.  His face was an absolute picture.

“I keep seeing it in the internet history, honey,” I said.  “A girl can get curious.”

We both lay there watching it all play out, right to its dirty denouement.  I breathed louder along with the woman as her lover pumped himself fast in her ass, pulling out to shoot several thick streams of his seed all over her butt.

When it was finished I turned to Rory and looked up to his face.

“So you like that, huh?”

“I guess,” he said.

I moved even closer to him and breathed the next words into his ear.

“Mommy likes it too,” I said.  “And Mommy’s never had it in her ass either.”

He tensed up again.  Every time I got a rise out of him I relished it, and with my hand on his stomach I could feel his heart beating faster now too.

I kissed his face as he froze with shock.

“Have you ever fucked a girl’s ass before?” I said, giving him these soft, sensual pecks on his face.

He shook his head.  “Never.”

“A first for the both of us,” I said, moving my lips to his.  “Wouldn’t that be something?”


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