My Sister Found My Locket Of Lust

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: My Sister Found My Locket Of Lust

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It hadn't been meant for her. Not at all. It was for my girlfriend to whom I was going to propose.

But my 18-year-old raven-haired sister, Sandy, found it first.

And put it on.


I was there when she did it - I hadn't been fast enough to stop her. The moment the locket had gone around her neck she became a sexual, deviant nymphomaniac.

I sighed and tried to take it from her, but the moment I did, she grabbed me like I was a piece of meat and kissed me like a dervish. I had never been assaulted by a woman before and was a bit taken aback by the ferocity.

But then I realized that this was my sister who had some kind of sexual, nympho spell on her - and I was her target.

"Oh my God, Steve! I can't believe how much I need you!" She practically devoured my face.

My cock grew rock fucking hard and my heart thundered like a Native American War Drum in my chest. This was sick!

"I need you!" She wrapped her slender, tight body around mine like a snake and held me as close to her as possible.

My cock danced in my pants and it didn't take long before she found it and began playing with it.

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