My Sister Drank My Love Potion

by Amber FoxxFire

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Needing a bit of relief, I ordered an expensive, swanky love potion. Maybe I’d use it on the hot chick next door - or her mother. Or, perhaps that clerk who was always winking at me.

Once it had finally arrived, I mixed it all up just like the instructions said. But when nature called, I had to leave it unattended for a moment.

That was all it took for my sis to swoop in and drink it all down.


Waiting for the mail was always the hardest, especially when it was for something I really wanted.

Be it a sweepstakes or some kind of item ordered from a catalog, I never had much patience for the mail and despite being in my mid twenties, I still hated to wait for my packages to come in.

This time, my package was two days late and I was growing impatient, I felt that maybe I got scammed.

However, despite my lack of hope and patience, the item finally arrived - just before dinner, all wrapped up in a brown box, my name on the address label.

Practically grabbing it from the mail lady's clutches, I made my way inside, eager to open and check its contents.

Taking out my pocket knife, I cut the tape along the top and opened up the box to grab the bottle inside.

"Interesting indeed, just like the website said it would look like." I said to myself as I inspected my order.


It was a large bottle, the contents inside blood red, the container a clear glass bottle in the shape of a heart.

This item had cost me over one hundred dollars, but I had been assured by a friend that it really worked, that it would get me exactly what I wanted.

What I wanted was a girlfriend, someone to take care of my needs, to have a good time and enjoy life with. Someone who loved me passionately, and who I could shower with my intense sex drive.

I hadn't had a girlfriend in three years, not since I was twenty-two, I was blue balled and I needed some relief.

Looking at the slip inside the box, I read the note left just for me.

"Place one cup of potion inside of a glass with one cup water, three table spoons of sugar to help the taste, stir vigorously and let it set for five minutes." I read carefully, making sure I had taken into account exactly what I needed to do.

Heading to the kitchen, I did as the instructions told, however I had to hit the bathroom, all this excitement was making me antsy.

As I relieved myself, I imagined just who i would give this potion to. Maybe the neighbor across the street, or maybe that hot older lady who tries to sell me herbal tea every other week.

With ideas dancing in my mind, I walked back to the kitchen and saw my sister. Waving, she smiled back and put the glass to her lips and started drinking the potion.

"What are you doing?" I asked, shocked. I quickly ran to the directions and read to see what was going to happen.

"Just having a drink, calm down, thanks for making the Kool-aid. Is that a new flavor?" She responded.


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