My Sister Caught Me Peeping At Her In The Dressing Room!

by Amber FoxxFire

It was just an ordinary Saturday morning. My younger, 18-year-old sister, Jezabel, and her friends had gone to the mall and I was left alone in the house.

Jezabel was a very hot, sexy, vivacious girl with long, raven-black hair, big, full, perky ta-tas, a tight, toned ass, and legs that could make any man drop to his knees.

She was also incredibly outgoing and always the life of the party. She had a confidence and a boldness that was rare in a young woman, and it was part of what made her so attractive.

She was the type of girl who could make any guy weak in the knees with just a simple smile.

And she had a hold over me that I just couldn't shake.

Of course, being my sister, she was totally off limits. But that didn't stop me from trying to take as many peeks of her curvy body as I could.

So, hopping on my scooter, I moseyed on down to the mall behind them, making sure to keep my distance so they didn't see me.

I found a spot in the parking lot and waited for them to enter the store. Then, like a ninja, I crept up behind them, staying hidden in the shadows.

I busied myself, watching them giggle and laugh as they shopped, completely unaware that I was peeping on them.

As I watched my sister and her friends walk toward the dressing rooms, I couldn't help but marvel at the sway of my sister's hips and the way her tight, firm butt cheeks bounced with every step.

My cock tugged in my jeans at the sight of her. She was just so deliciously fuckable.

As they disappeared into the dressing rooms, I made my move.

I knew which room my sister was in, and I snuck over, making sure to stay hidden from view.

Then, carefully, I peered under the curtain, trying my best to remain hidden from view.

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