My Rough Piano Lesson Fuck : Daddy’s First Timers 9

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: My Rough Piano Lesson Fuck : Daddy’s First Timers 9
Part of the Daddy's First Timers series:

At nineteen it was probably a little late to be learning the piano, but I guess I was quite late to a lot of things.  The lessons helped me get closer to Daddy and my real dream of having him conquer me.  Read how my mature Daddy deflowers me in rough, naughty fashion, bending me over the piano-stool and serenading me with his cum.  Finish inside me, Daddy!


“That’s it,” he snarled, and I felt his flesh touch my lips.

Before I knew it he was squeezing into my mouth.  He pushed forwards with purpose and in no time my mouth was filled with his sinful flesh.

I spluttered on him and coughed, drawing back quickly and swallowing.  Daddy laughed.

“You don’t get off that easy,” he said, and this time he gripped my hair firmly, squeezing my pony-tail until I felt his strength.

“Oww,” I cried, leaning my head back.  I was at his mercy now.

“Open,” he said again.

I looked up at him as my eyes welled from where he’d tickled my throat before.


I did as he ordered, staring up as I opened my mouth.  He pushed forwards again and drove that big cock of his right to the back of my throat.  This time he held me on him as I struggled and I felt him begin to squeeze down my neck.


I spluttered and gasped, trying to suck in air over his meaty cock.  My hands slapped at his naked thighs as I coughed, then he pulled me off him and I gasped, looking up in disbelief.

“Did you think that would happen?” he asked, raising an eyebrow to me as I tried to compose myself.  He seemed to relish my discomfort.

I wiped at my mouth, cleaning the spit from me.  Then I noticed the big string of saliva that had wound down Daddy’s cock.  It looked even more impressive and looming now that it was covered in spit.  Like some huge, glazed dessert.  My pussy ached for him.

My nipples were still stiff and the arousal still coursed through me.  Daddy’s rough ways did little to dissuade me.  If anything I was more pumped than ever.  It showed me how badly he wanted me.

I swallowed with some effort and then looked up at him defiantly.  “Again,” I said.

He looked confused.

“Do it again,” I said, and this time I leant my head back and opened wide.

He gave a smile as though he was impressed.  He held my hair back and yanked my head down, then he thrust that big cock deep into my mouth like before.

This time I breathed through my nose, keeping him planted in my throat the whole time.  I felt my muscles tighten over him and then he started to grind into me, fucking my mouth slowly like I was some kind of object.  I was happy to have Daddy use me any way he liked.



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