My Mother Caught Me Watching My Sister Undress – Then Helped Me Fuck Her

by Amber FoxxFire

Ever since Becky had turned 18, I'd developed a bit of a bad habit: I'd watch through the crack in the door every morning as she dressed for her morning jog. Her sexy body was like eye candy to my depraved soul.

At nearly six-feet tall, and built like a model, with huge tits, and a cute round bubble-butt, she was my very own Jessica Rabbit.

But this particular morning was different. This was the day that everything changed.

I was spying on her like I normally did, and everything seemed to be going perfectly. She had her back to me, and was bending over as she rummaged through her panty drawer.

I had my hands down my pants and was fondling my already-stiff cock. My eyes were locked on her plump pussy lips, barely visible between her perfect, toned legs.

Suddenly, Becky stood up and slipped on her panties. As she pulled them up, I was treated to the view of the bottom half of her plump asscheeks.

But before I could get a good look, the panties were up all the way, covering her perfect peach of a pussy.

She grabbed a brush and brushed her long, blonde hair, and I stared at her huge, bouncy breasts, barely contained by her sports bra.

She brushed each strand lovingly and all I could do was stare at her luscious body and fantasize what it would be like to fuck that forbidden body.

Then she pulled on her Spandex running shorts, which hugged her curvy hips perfectly, accentuating the roundness of her ass.

Becky pulled on a tiny t-shirt to cover her sports bra. I had her routine down pat by now and knew I'd better pretend to be doing something else when she came out of her room.

I was watching her every movement, still touching myself as I waited for her to open the front door and exit our house. Of course she didn't notice me watching from the kitchen.

But mom did.

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