My Girlfriend Wouldn’t Put Out So I Fucked Her Dog Instead: Man On Dog Bestiality 4

by Penelope Liksit

What is a man to do when his woman will not give him sex? Turn his attentions to her Labrador of course.


My girlfriend Stacy had a porn star body. By that I meant she had an ass that would drive a man insane and tits that made eyes pop out of heads when she walked down the streets. There were times when I felt like I was the luckiest guy in the world, to be going out with this bombshell who looked like something out of a movie.
But I had a problem. The cock teasing bitch just would not let me get to home base. This was like being stuck in solitary confinement with a view of the beach to torture you.
I had to go about my daily business with my cock aching, my underwear constantly wet from the leak of pre-cum, knowing that a little kissing and touching was as far as it was going at the moment. It was hell.
Then, one night, I just could not take it anymore.
We had just come home from the cinema. We had been watching something that had contained some very hot scenes, and I have thought about the old dick in the popcorn bag trick, but then thought better of it.


I went for a little kissing on the nape of your neck and at one point tried to slide my hand up along her thigh, but Stacy just patted me away, telling me to concentrate on the film.
Now we were back at her place, sitting on the couch watching TV, Stacy’s huge Labrador Sheila stretched out in front of the fireplace. I sat there with a raging hard-on, knowing that the pussy I desired most in the world was right next to me, but that that Stacy simply wasn't going to put out. So near, yet so far.
“All guys just want to have sex with me”, she bemoaned, “you must learn to respect me. I want to be treated like a lady, not just lusted after for my body.”
With that she stormed out of the room, and into the bathroom.
Women. Who would even try to understand them?
Fuck. This was now a nightly occurrence. No sex, a hard cock, and nothing to do except go and jerk off into the toilet.
Then I looked at Sheila, and the most bizarre of thoughts popped into my head. I was desperate for sex and there was something with a pussy right in front of me.
Fuck it. That carnal fire was burning in my stomach, a storm was brewing in my balls, my tool was so hard it was ready to power through my zipper. A man had needs. I felt that craving for release, and to be honest, the thought of fucking Stacy’s dog and seeing the look on her face when she came back through was just as thrilling as the thought of actually fucking the dog.
I slid off the couch and over to Sheila, laying my hand on her warm, golden coat and beginning to stroke her.


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