My First Time Below Deck : Anal Incest 8

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: My First Time Below Deck : Anal Incest 8
Part of the Anal Incest series:

Traveling with your own Daddy is certainly different.  When we’re paired together in the same bed a raucous evening out turns into a sleepy morning in which the two of us forget ourselves completely.

I’m feeling naughtier than ever and for whatever reason so is Daddy.  Read as we give in to our sin and he takes me deep in the ass in my first-time anal session.


“Maria,” he warned.  “Be careful.”

“Come on,” I hushed.

I reached back and pushed my panties down below my ass.


“Relax,” I said.  “Just relax.”

I pushed my ass back again and this time I felt his bare cock on my skin.  I could hear him steadying his breaths behind me.  I was grinning ear-to-ear.

“That’s not so bad, is it?” I asked.

Daddy hummed.

“It could get much naughtier.”

I started to wriggle, and Daddy let out a gentle moan.  It must have been such a fucking tease for him.  He couldn’t stand it any longer.

He reached down and at first, I thought he was just readjusting himself.  Instead, he took his cock and pointed it forwards at me.  He glanced my asshole with the head of his cock and then moved down to the hot O of my pussy.


I hadn’t expected him to just push right into me, but the second he felt my wetness on him he didn’t waste any time.

My mouth opened in shock as I felt him spread the muscle of my pussy open and start to push himself inside.

I strained and let out a grunt of pleasure.  It had happened so quickly.  I’d been teasing him, but I never imagined he’d actually go ahead and do it, you know?  I mean, it was incest, but that wasn’t even the half of it.

Daddy’s brief stroke of my asshole had ignited something inside me.  The trip had been all about exploration—and this was big—but I had even crazier ideas of self-discovery.

“Daddy,” I whispered.  I wasn’t sure if I could follow it up with the words I wanted to.

“Oh, Maria, that’s it,” he said, hitting his stride.

His big cock pushed in and out of me slowly.  Fuck, it was a rush.  That heady, tired, hungover sex: there was just nothing like it.

I started to push back against him, arching my back and giving him an angle right up inside me.  Daddy took the opportunity with both hands, literally.  He gripped my hips and started to pull me back against him as he fucked me, moving my whole body on him.

My eyelids pinched together, and I bit my lip.  “Fuck, that’s good!”

Now we joined the percussion of the lovemakers around us, together in a chorus of thuds, some slow and steady, others fast and frantic.

“That’s it,” I moaned, but I wanted to say something much naughtier.  I fought to find the courage.

“Fuck, Maria, I’m inside you,” Daddy said.

I let him fuck me for a minute-or-so longer before confessing where I really wanted him.  Daddy’s big cock felt amazing in my pussy, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted it even naughtier.


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