My First Anal Scene With My Own Daddy! : Anal Incest 20

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: My First Anal Scene With My Own Daddy! : Anal Incest 20
Part of the Anal Incest series:

I’ve only been in porn for about two weeks, and already the offer of an anal scene is proving too much to turn down.  When my co-star arrives and it’s my own father I have some serious questions to ask.  He’s desperate for the money too and we agree to put our familial relation aside for the sake of the scene.  I’m more turned on than ever by our secret.  I didn’t think I’d enjoy anal sex this much!


The cameras took all the footage even as those around directed us.  Daddy and I were moved into position on several occasions as we got the brief but necessary set-up for the scene.  He was a college professor who wasn’t happy with my work, and he was going to punish me for it.

“I see you like drawing dicks on your text-book,” he said, holding up an example.

“I just love them,” I fawned, batting my lashes.  “I love all kinds.”

I could see the disapproval in daddy’s face, and it wasn’t acting.  I guessed he wondered how his daughter had fallen so far.  Or how he had.

“Maybe I can give you something to draw,” daddy continued.

“I’d like that, professor.


I wriggled on my seat as daddy stood up in front of me and started to unfasten his pants.  I licked my teeth and waited eagerly, watching ahead.  The excitement became real.  No-one around us knew that the two of us were so intimately related, and that really started to get my pussy wet.  It was just a shame that all those juices were wasted there.

“Good,” came the off-camera direction.  “Gasp at it like you can’t believe how big it is.”

Daddy didn’t wear any underwear.  He just pulled his cock straight out from his pants, which surprised me even more.  The look on my face was entirely authentic.  Daddy’s cock was big, and I started to wonder how I was going to stuff it in my ass.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl,” daddy said, approaching.  He held his cock tight around the base and the veins throbbed up his length.

The camera moved in close as his cock got nearer to my face.  I looked up into his eyes and then down at his cock as he put on a performance.

“It’s so big,” I swooned, and as I was busy gasping at it, daddy took it and thrust it right into my mouth.

I accentuated the shock that I felt as his arousal burst through my lips.  My mouth was instantly full of him.  He was so fucking stiff too, I remember that.  It was like running my lips along a popsicle, only the girthiest popsicle you ever laid eyes on.

I stared up at him as he hit the back of my throat, blinking like an innocent animal.  Daddy pulled his cock out from my mouth, and I let out a spit-filled gasp.

“It tastes so good!” I told him, my mouth dripping with saliva.

Daddy grabbed my hair and thrust his cock back into my mouth.

“You deserve every inch of it, you naughty slut,” he growled, and the words felt good to hear.

The camera moved around him as he dominated my mouth.  He played it rough, wrapping my hair around his fist and moving my head for me.  I let him take control.

The only thing I couldn’t do was open my neck and let him down there.  He was so wide that it was nearly impossible to push him into my throat, as much as I—or the director—wanted.  Daddy was gentle there and he didn’t push it too much.  He just tickled it enough for my eyes to well with tears and make a mess of my mascara.


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