My Dog Swallowed A Mind Control Pill Then Fucked Me In Front Of Everyone!

by Amber FoxxFire

It was a beautiful day, and Mistress Kelly had a plan. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and she was lonely.

She knew she couldn't afford a real companion, but she did have a secret: she was a bit of an exhibitionist. She loved the idea of getting fucked outside, where anyone could see.

She was walking her dog, Max, when she noticed a small blue pill lying on the sidewalk. She ignored it, but her dog didn't.

Later that evening, after taking Max for a walk, Kelly returned home and stepped out of her clothes.

She had decided to masturbate and take a bubble bath, her favorite way to unwind.

As she sank into the hot water, she closed her eyes and relaxed. But then, something strange happened.

She began to have thoughts that weren't her own. She could hear a dog barking and whining, and she could see herself naked in the bathtub.

She tried to shake it off, but the thoughts were too powerful.

She looked down and saw Max staring at her from the bathroom doorway, his eyes fixated on her breasts.

Suddenly, Kelly heard her dog speaking - in her mind! This was insane! Was she going crazy?

Before she could answer that, Max leaped into the bath with her, his large paws pressing down on her shoulders, his veiny red rocket poised right at her plump lips.

"Max? What are you --" But as she opened her mouth to speak, her dog thrust his canine dick inside, his doggy pre-cum mixing with her saliva.

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