My Dog Made Me His Bitch

by Amber FoxxFire

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It was a nice, sunny day. I thought I’d take my Doberman to the new dog park and let him sniff around.

But something happened. Something I don’t understand. When we came home, he began barking orders at me. And I could understand them. And I felt myself compelled to obey.

First, it was just treats.

Then, he ordered me on all fours. Eat from his bowl, he commanded. I had to obey.

Then it escalated.


"All right my little Doberman gentleman, off you go and play!" My owner said, as she started to undo my leash for me.

It felt really good being outside, the sun was warm, the grass was green, plenty of things to explore and smell. My owner let me off my leash and I was on my way into the new dog park that opened up.

I ran through a puddle and then up a hill, everything looked great, and the smells were amazing.

I couldn't help myself as I ran through the woods each smell, sight, and noise pushing me farther in.

But what was that smell? I asked myself as I started to dig around. Soon, I found myself near this nice purple flower that smelled like meat.

I sniff and sniff and I can't help myself, I start eating this meat-smelling flower and I gobble it up, petals, stem and all.

Feeling weird, I start walking back to my owner, she calls out for me and I run back to her.


She looks into my eyes and notices that I'm acting weird, she pulls me into the van and we head home.

Falling asleep on the ride home, I awaken to my owner pushing me to get up, groggy I get up and head into the house with her.

I feel strong, energetic, and more aware. I feel things and something is different.

Looking back at my owner, I want some treats, i want something good to eat. "Give me treats!" I say to her, and I feel myself talking to my owner directly.

She looks at me and then goes into the cupboard and fetches the meat-snacks. She hands me one and I eagerly eat it happily.

The treat is gone almost instantly. "I want more!" I say to my owner, but not as a bark, but within my own mind.

She complies again. She then grabs me another treat, and I get myself another snack.

Something was up, she never gave me two in a row. "Give me them all!" I thought to myself, to her, and soon she was pouring out the entire box on the floor!

Greedily eating it up I let myself enjoy this rare occurrence and indulge myself eating everything I can. She didn't stop me and soon all my treats were gone.

My owner looked like one of those trained dogs, one that obeyed every command. This gave me a great idea.

"Take my collar off and put it on yourself!" I command her, my mind pushing the message to her.

My owner did just that. I was surprised that she obeyed. She was peach-skinned with dark red hair and blue eyes, curvy, yet petite.

Without a second thought, she grabbed my collar, un-hooked it from around my neck and placed it securely on herself.


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