My Dog Fucked My Ass And I Fucked His

by Penelope Liksit

A man on male dog sex story!
I had so loved it when a prostitute had given me a prostate massage that I had been thinking about getting fucked up the ass ever since. It was this i was thinking of as I realised that our dog Fido would hump anything and it was an hour before my wife got home. Dare I...


I had been thinking about taking it up the ass for a while. I wasn’t gay, at least to date I had never jerked off thinking about a man. But a prostitute had given me a prostate massage once. I remembered the feeling of that wet finger probe my ass, the sheer unbridled carnal pleasure that had swept though my body when she was up there. I had never came so hard in my life-I actually passed out and the prostitute had thought she might have to call a doctor.
But the thing was, I didn’t want a finger up there next time. I wanted my ass to be really filled, I wanted to feel a thrust right up my rectum, I wanted to really get fucking ass-fucked.
Should I pay a prostitute to give it to me with a strap on?
I was standing in the kitchen thinking about it when I realised all of a sudden that Fido was humping my leg. That damned mutt. This Dalmatian that my wife had gotten because she loved the movie so much was now fully grown and truly would hump anything in sight.


There he was, tongue hanging out, panting heavily, slobber falling out all over my jeans, driven by his breeding instincts.
Then it hit me. He truly would hump anything. I looked at the clock. It was an hour before my wife got home from work. My cock was twitching. Dare I do this? My head was telling I ought to be ashamed of myself but the stirring in my loins said otherwise. I looked down at Fido. Fuck it, I was going to do it, I was going to let him to screw my ass with his dog meat!


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