Mounted By My Dog While I Slept!

by Kimmy Hicks

When Ellen finds herself aroused by her Rottweiler's tongue when he gives her an unexpected lick in a very sensitive, private area of her body, she tries to push these naughty thoughts out of her mind and just go to bed. Falling asleep on a cold winters night next to her beloved dog in her horny state of mind, she has vivid dreams of forbidden bestial pleasure - only to wake up to her dominating dog on top of her- and the realization that her sexy, vivid dreams weren't dreams at all.


I half- heartedly scrolled through the television channels, looking for something to watch while I fell asleep. Nothing captured my attention, and my mind wandered back to the heated sensation between my legs that just wouldn't go away. My hand wandered into my pants, and I circled my wet clit with my index fingers, sending shudders of orgasmic pleasure through my body. I needed release.

Sliding my pants down to my ankles, I spread my legs and rubbed my pussy with abandon- circling my clit and pumping my fingers in and out of my slick hole. Breathing heavily, I finger fucked myself to orgasm quickly. I still felt slightly unnerved by the fact that the source of my arousal had been my dog's tongue, and wished to just get myself off as quickly as possible- which wasn't difficult given the level of my horniness.


I snuggled against Rufus in my warm bed, not bothering to put my pants back on. I was enjoying the feeling of his warm, furry body against my skin so much that I took my top off, too, so that I could snuggle my naked body against his beastly, musculature while I slept. My pussy was still slick with the result of my orgasm, and my mind was filled with fantasies of how it would feel to be stuffed full with a nice, big cock as I drifted off to sleep.


About the Author

Bestial delights and four-legged fun is my specialty! If cute girls being fucked like bitches and knotted by their canine lovers shocks you, then please don't read my books! Otherwise, come on in and watch the furry fantasies unfold! There will be no holding back - just as nature intended!

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